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26. While the idea of paying, eg, £18 for the Depeche Mode CD in HMV, seems expensive, it's just the creeping effect of inflation that our minds often don't expect. The BoE inflation calculator suggests that £18 last month is equivalent to about £10 in the year 2000, which I expect you would have thought to be a reasonable price
27 - There is a photograph of my grandfather with E A Bowles in Myddelton House. We lived in Forty Hill for five generations.
10 - should have been called 'Not Popmaster'.

Three unsatisfactory encounters with customer service (4/11/14) to one exceedingly good one (1). Nice to know that the service is worse because 'they have changed their procedures'.
20: wonder if WeRoad is trying to compete against G Adventure, which used to be Gap Adventures, but realised people travel outside their gap year and when they might have more money.

22: It still is a trade descriptions issue: Canada doesn't equal the World. But good it is back.

23: It is like petrol prices. They only ever move quickly in the preferred direction of the one making money.
10 I agree with you about the new quiz on Radio 2
20: Gap Adventures was threatened with a court case by Gap the clothing retailer.
10. Should have called it "Masters of Pop".

I was sure the woman who got full marks was cheating (Shazam/Google etc) by the length of time it took her to answer every question. Most people will jump in straight away for the things they are certain of.

The quiz is OK but I feel it won't be once Vernon Kay takes over next week.
4. Twice in recent months I've ordered something online from the same company but different stores, and both times I've successfully collected but been refunded a couple of weeks later because I "never collected!" Best to keep quiet I thought.

13. Back in the 70s I remember taking a picture of a limo registered PAK 1.

22. Me too.
29-31. Serious question: do you ever consider/are you ever afraid of what would happen if you stopped, or had to stop?
7. I agree the ESC is best watched on TV as it is foremost a TV programme. I was lucky to see it live in Athens but the whole faff of being in what is just a huge TV studio took the shine off the show. It was great to see the mechanics of it all being put together however.
25. As you've been good enough to bring their parcels up, you should strike up a conversation and casually ask them.

Oh yes, it's London, where neighbourly conversations don't happen.
7. I too failed to acquire tickets for Eurovision - the 15th annual failure to deliver on a promise made to my daughter when we watched it together for the first time.
16. I'm uncertain whether that's a complaint about the iniquity of the standing charge, or a brag about how little gas you used. Probably the latter.
3: Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer exactly the same choc ice for exactly the same price. Sainsbury’s marks its as ‘Packed in United Kingdom’ while Tesco offers no origin information. Tesco of late no longer labels products with made in, packed in or ‘product of’ type information unless absolutely required to - and those requirements now appear minimal. Where are they made? Why won’t they tell us? Where is my tin foil?
2 A sad day indeed. A great writer and a lovely man.😥
Two more books are in the pipeline, according to “A” certain online shop, one in August the other in November.
Thanks to reading Chris’s blog, I found you, DG.
I wholeheartedly agree with 22, and thank you for putting me onto it. The idea of putting people in a place that might appear to be easy to navigate, but in reality is not, is excellent.
7 I set up my account in advance and was waiting when the lines opened, clicked straight in and scored a pair of tickets for the final dress rehearsal on the Saturday - my daughter and granddaughter are delighted.
11 I wonder if an annual Oyster can be bought at a station like Wimbledon that has a real ticket office and Underground as well as National Rail trains. The TfL site claims some Visitor Centres also sell longer period Travelcards but maybe they'd expect you to buy another Oyster to do it. No harm in checking at some point in the next 11 months.
28 you didn’t mention the appalling records which you will also be subjected to. I nominate shuddup a your face (or however it is spelt).

dg writes: I mentioned the England World Cup Squad 1982. I'm not sure what more warning you need.
25. True that conversation with neighbours is difficult to start, especially in London. But "what is in all your parcels" would be a pretty poor opener, even in friendlier areas. It just sounds so intrusive.
20: Having been on loads of Group Holidays, I've been puzzled what WeRoad offer that all the existing companies don't.

27: On a previous visit to Myddelton and the Enfield/Herts border area, I was surprised by how many Grass Snakes live in the area. I saw more snakes on that day than I've ever seen outside of a zoo.
5: You know buses, unless they are fully electric I guess, are still less environmentally friendly than tube trains, right?
26: Vinyl LP prices are far more frightening; a combination of raw material shortage and it being a niche product now I suppose.
9. Happy 186th birthday?
9. It always used to be the rule that you should take the dog towards the back of the bus.

But now the stairs are at the front this means walking past everyone with the dog and some people don't like dogs. Not only that, the students at the local college seem to congregate at the back and so I sometimes sit at the front with the dog so no-one has to go past it. I am not sure if that is the right thing to do.

But I would certainly not have the dog on a seat and would make sure it was well-behaved. Also, if the upper deck was nearly empty but expected to fill up I would go to the back then if people down like dogs they wouldn't have to go past it - although I may have to go past them when I get off.

Its a small thing but one I spend a disproportionate time thinking about.
20. My idea of hell.
26. I mostly buy music just as MP3s nowadays, as I did with Memento Mori.

My view is that's probably, and unexpectedly, the best DM album since "Playing The Angel", despite/because the sound being unexpectedly mid-80s in places. More solid tracks than fillers at least, IMO.
5. That's good to know. Always thought a planned closure on the Pic to Heathrow would mean that attempting the replacement bus would be risky if you had a flight to catch!.
26. The price of vinyl is a simple supply and demand story. Because there are so few vinyl pressing plants, and huge waiting lists to get anything pressed, vinyl pricing is set by what the biggest market is willing to pay. That biggest market is the US, and people there have more disposable income than we do.
26. Also Vinyl is these days bought by hobbyists and collectors, rather than the regular music buyer, so isn't a mass market price sensitive product any more.
22 - I agree, what a great show and what seem like some genuinely lovely people on it this year (as it's had in previously too). My theory about it being in one country was probably about not having to cross into different countries and no doubt deal with a load of different COVID travel rules/restrictions/paperwork.
7. 26.
These two entries stretch the term eclectic to new boundaries for me. Eurovision- An age old platform for pointless crap Europop that should have been axed many years ago.
Depeche Mode - Great band who have consistently made authentically great music for over 40 years.
11 I was just reading that a gold card is accepted for a discount on the Anglia Day Ranger rail rover ticket, making it a very reasonable £11 a day for the 3 days in 7 version. NR site mentions this but GA doesn’t.
2. Re Christopher Fowler, His blog has been on my daily review list, along with DG since the 00’s.

Truly a wonderful writer and all round great guy. He will truly be missed.
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22 - if you enjoy Race Across The World you might like Jet Lag: the Game on YouTube. Each "season" around 5 20-40 min episodes, different game idea each time. The Tag Across Europe season is the best one for me.
10. It's as if the producers sat down and said to one another, “Right, we need to come up with a quiz that's like Popmaster, but not Popmaster.” Awful. I'd've brought back Beat The Intro.

17. These days, with programmes like Comic Relief, I prefer to record them on my PVR and watch later, skipping through all the padding. Still donate, though.

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