please empty your brain below

*adopts gravelly american base voice*

"Fifty years of the Westbound Next Train Indicator at Bow Road Station".

*sexy shots of heavy dot matrix action, trains emerging from tunnels, pouting sweaty passengers etc*

"From the compelling novel by Diamond Garcia Geezer.

Now a major movie production coming soon to a theater near you."

*steamy closeup of edgy platform, bleeping door closing alarm, fade*
I wonder if its the Hammersmith & City trains turning round at Barking that could be part of the problem.

I was with a group of friends waiting on the west bound District line platform at Barking station last Thursday for a Hammersmith & City line train to come out of the sidings.

Suddenly the indicator board added a train INTO the list as. "See front of train".

It was at that point we realised there was NOW an H & C train in the bay platform they previously used.

After a little while this listing disappeared and full correct train destinations appeared, although the H & C train was still in the bay.

Unsurprisingly the indicator on our platform never showed the H & C train and we ended up catching a District line one and changed at Aldgate East after a 15 minute wait.
So do you think you were responsible for getting this fixed?

dg writes: No. They're improving the signalling. Hence it's improved.
If you're reading this TfL, please *don't* ever install a Next Bus indicator at Bow bus stop M, or we'll never hear the end of it on the subject of it's accuracy, or otherwise.

dg writes: They already have. It works.
Whatever the black hole is, it's affecting TfL's online departure boards too. No information available at all for Upton Park, but Plaistow and East Ham are fine.
In any case, it seems TfL and the contractor have successfully kept the Schwarzschild radius of this black hole low enough now. Next step is probably evaporating this black hole altogether.

DG will have to start souring his local area again, to bring us the next installment of "Balls-ups in Bow"!
The above comments remind me of the "news" paradox. That is, if your only source of information is news bulletins and similar, you probably conclude that everything in the world is going wrong. It is not so. Most of the world is working just fine, but that's not news. The bits that do go wrong make it into the news.
The gap in info eight minuets away occurs as the train description is re-entered at West Ham which currently only gives 1 mins notice before a WB train is due. The cross overs at Plaistow are coming to the end of their lives so it wouldn't make sense install any new equipment especially in an area like West Ham/Plaistow with a bi-directional reversing siding and a bay platform to contend with. With this section done it won't be very long before the light boxes such as the ones at Upton Park and Stepney Green are dispensed with.

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