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Just the distance, thanks.
(with one short supporting sentence if you feel the need)
7 miles
1 mile
1 mile
2 miles
2 miles
2 miles
One mile
to the small spar shop and back.
10 miles
to work each day from Bromley South to Victoria
3.9 miles
as the crow flies.
8 miles.
as I can drive 8 miles to a place and encounter NO ONE.
33 miles
for work
One foot
Didcot B power station
4 miles
to do my weekly food shop.
9 miles
I've been designated a key worker and some of my tasks cant be done from home so I've been going to work in Beckenham from Woolwich.
8 miles
by car to deliver shopping to shielded relatives.
20 feet
in my back yard
7 Miles
Hospital Appointment
2 Miles
emergency hospital visit
My choice; my good fortune to be able to make that choice.
6 miles.
I went to donate blood (everyone that can should).
1½ miles.
Mostly via local footpaths and open spaces that existed before Hemel Hempstead became a new town
5.5 miles
in the car (only 1 mile on foot)
2.5 miles
Thames path
5 miles
Walked into central London and back from Crouch End.
Almost 2km
though I've walked considerably farther - just very circular walks.
1.2 Miles
to post a letter
15 miles
by car to pick up family member at Heathrow
(Not in the UK, not in lockdown)
5 miles
by car - to get fresh fruit and veg from the farm shop.
7 miles
by bike, for my government mandated exercise
10 miles for me.
Not much crime..... so to stop 'the car' seizing up
0.8 miles
to my pharmacy
4 miles
to doctor's surgery, regular but essential blood tests
19 miles
I live in Germany and have used only foot and bicycle since the pandemic started
5 km
9 miles
that's the nearest supermarket for click and collect.
2 miles
(exactly according to <popular online mapping service>)
4 miles
to my local Costco in Reading for essential shopping.
2.4 miles
3½ miles
(Asda for weekly shop)
3 miles.
Walked to the town centre to get some heavy shopping not available locally then was the only passenger on the bus home.
12 miles
Distance to the nearest Co-op supermarket.
50 miles
To get a crib for the imminent arrival of David Jr.
0.7 miles
according to google maps
19 miles. Multiple times to and from work as I am a "key worker".
2 miles.
Nearest 'cheap' supermarket with parking
1.4 kilometres
Walked to the Olympic park
5.5 miles / 9 km
Cycled to a COVID-19 test site for my swab (negative, thanks).
14 km. Running a "virtual" marathon event.
0.682 miles
to nearest supermarket
20 miles away on the bike
2 miles
1.5 miles
0 miles.
Not left home since 16 March.
40 miles
My daily drive to work (in a hospital)
35 miles
About 25 miles.
We've been driving out to the country as per 'reasonable' police guidelines.
280 metres
5.5 miles / 9 kilometres
45 miles
(working on the railway means I'm still getting around quite a bit)
4 miles
on a bike ride
cycled to the london eye
31.54km to work, and 47.53km from Cockfosters to Heathrow T5.
13 miles.
On a bike ride.
500 metres,
on a very roundabout route around the fields to increase the distance covered.
0.6 mile
3 miles
to Hampstead Heath
3 miles
to give blood
6.6km (4 miles)
But excluding one atypical walk it's 3.2km (2 miles)
50 miles.
Down and back the M3 without leaving the car; purely to keep the battery charged.
5.6 miles
Hospital appointment for post op scan. All clear!
15.5 miles
emergency shopping drop-off on elderly friend's doorstep
222 miles
3 miles to work, then 219 miles to Preston...and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity!
9 miles
(2 trips to supermarket)
2.3 miles
(by bike)
2.31 miles
(by train)
2.5 miles
(only exceeded once since 17 March)
11 miles
clinic appointment
four or five miles
to Westfield (not that Westfield) - it was a 13 mile circular walk but it wasn't a very direct routing.
1½ miles
for shopping and exercise (in opposite directions from my house)
1.5 miles
6.6 miles
The furthest point on my usual bike ride loop takes me into the City, before heading along the river.
110 miles
to Cromer Crematorium, for the socially-distanced - and very sparsely-attended - funeral of my aunt.
22 miles
to work everday
20 miles.
Picking up family from the airport after being stranded abroad (otherwise, 1 mile).
15 km.
On bike, also not in the UK so fewer restrictions.
2.3 miles
by bike
2 miles
1.482 miles
1.37 miles
According to the distance measuring site
9 miles
to donate blood (as David said, everyone that can, should)
4 miles
Hospital appointment today.
10 miles
(the total cycling distance was around 35)
About 2km.
Lunchtime update
(with 100 results, thanks!)
less than 1 mile10%
1 to 2 miles17%
between 2 and 5 23% 
5 to 10 miles21%
10 to 20 miles16%
over 20 miles13%

(Weekly long run of 10-15km)
12 miles
10 miles
5 miles
From Walthamstow to Hackney to see my grandma.
From home to around the London stadium
51 miles
34km / 21 miles
by bicycle - for exercise
Either 5000 miles (returning from work to UK)
or 50 miles (move from short to long term temp accommodation)
2 miles
On foot, daily at 5.30am for avoidance of other humans.
1.4 miles
Once or twice
Otherwise 1/2 mile for supermarket/walks
3.2 miles
5 Miles.
Permitted Exercise - cycling.
258 metres; to collect a prescription.
1.6 miles.
(as the crow flies)
5 miles
(on a long circular walk)
32 miles
0.6 miles
(nearest shopping precinct/supermarket)
8 miles
6 miles
from NW6 to Battersea Park by car
10 miles
to the office once a week to sort the post etc
2 km
4.3 miles.
In the car to collect shopping
5 miles
11.44 miles
from Streatham Hill to the North Downs scarp... we walked all the way there, and all the way back.
7.1 miles
for work
4.09 miles.
To a garden centre that opened last week!
25 miles
once a week to deliver food to my ninetysomething mother
1.44 miles
0.8 miles
Five miles
(a shade under, I think)
2 furlongs.
To pharmacy.
Zero miles.
5 miles (walking)
12 miles (doctor’s appointment)
Late evening update
(with 135 results, thanks!)
less than 1 mile12%
1 to 2 miles13%
between 2 and 5 22% 
5 to 10 miles25%
10 to 20 miles15%
over 20 miles14%

1.2 miles
once a week for food shopping.
6 miles
Not in UK.
1.1 miles
2.5 miles
bike ride, not in UK
12 miles
I moved house but haven't gone more than 2 miles from each house otherwise.
40 miles
for self-isolated work in a closed environment, once or twice a week (the M3 getting progressively busier)
420 miles.
London to Edinburgh for my Mother in laws funeral (old age rather than Covid according to the death certificate)
4 miles
jogging... I have only travelled on foot since 16 March
24 miles.
One day I had to go to work to collect a disk drive so I could continue to work at home.
23.5 miles
to the airport to renew my airport badge (not in the UK)
Routine but essential hospital appt for elderly father
2 miles.
Down to the beach or park & back walking the dog.
5 miles
782 meters.

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