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Bruce Grove station is a highlight of the Weaver line. Another honourable mention should go to Highams Park waiting room which, while lacking in original historical features, has a lovely exhibition of prints of old photos of the station.
Lets see how long it will take until its vandalized and full of litter.
Reminds me of cold winter afternoons in the Victorian waiting room at High Brooms in the early 1980s and the joy of real open fire blazing in the grate.
I never thought I'd need to go to Bruce Grove but this looks beautiful so I may just do that.
If you need an excuse to go, I'd combine it with a visit to the nearby Bruce Castle Park and it's Museum nearby. I think it’s been blogged in the past.
I seem to remember that the waiting room on Platform 1 at Upminster Station used to have a blazing fire on winter mornings.
Nice as Sutton Link may have been, it was never a good use of funding. There's more than adequate bus provision on the Sutton->Morden route so it just becomes about connecting a retail centre at Collier's Wood, which wasn't contributing to the funding.

I mean, I would like a tram in my back yard but there has to be at least a dozen more urgent things to fund.
MKI - Actually when spaces are smart and well kept like this one there is a lot less vandalism and litter. Well proud of the station in the area of my birth - it's great for Tottenham to have some nice spaces. As an area it's on the up .....
Just this week the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Grovesnor Garden and Hyde Park Corner opened... a full 7 years after being consulted on.

And just last week Camden Council started consulting on their Holborn Vision... a full five years after it was first announced.

So who knows, there's perhaps hope for some of the paused projects. The Vauxhall Gyratory reworking most certainly will come one day.
It's not just the Mildmay line that plays with reality. On the Weaver line, Chesunt's in Zone 8 and Enfield Town in Zone 5 but Enfield Town is shown as the branch ending furthest from Liverpool Street.

On the Windrush line I would put the New Cross branch above the main Highbury & Islington - West Croydon route but of course that would make it look more messy.
Other reasons to visit Bruce Grove, beyond Bruce Castle and the nearby oak tree, are the Fieldseat Bistro and the Lordship Hub Community Cafe (the latter in the Lordship Rec park)
I don't know why but I'm surprised that TfL still runs/introduced new letter-prefixed routes (night buses being the exception). The only reason I'm surprised is because there's been so much standardisation over the last 20 years from rules about liveries, placement of operator logos, white blinds vs yellow blinds vs dot matrix, removal of compulsory stops etc. Anyway, lovely to see some maps.
Speaking of the SL3, I noticed at Abbey Wood Station on Tuesday that the bus stop sign on the Bexleyheath-wards side had been completely removed. There was no evidence of any Superloop branding either.
The upside waiting room at Highams Pl generally used to have a fire in winter, but you couldn’t have now’ as BR lopped off all the chimneys in restoring the statio
The cancellation of teh demolition of the Vauxhall Bus station is most welcome.
The RSS version of this post only shows the Overground news. I happened to stumble upon the rest of this post on the main website.
Sorry, I cannot relate to Waddon Marsh being SOUTH of Sutton.
Nice restoration of the Bruce Grove room but are they based on original bench designs? Those minimal dividers look suspiciously like contemporary "hostile" architecture, not as an aid for personal spacing but to prevent anyone from sleeping on the benches.
More Overground news
Even 100 years ago they couldn't get things right as the poster for the new Camden Town junctions shows.

(The City branch, with stations from Moorgate) should be on the left and the Charing Cross branch, with stations from Charing Cross should be on the right).
The swapping over of the running of the bus 470 and S3 routes at Sutton Common Road / Stayton Rd seems a bit pointless.

I assume that it's to do with timings, it being slightly longer to go via Stayton Rd than continue along Sutton Common Rd.

The buses are different frequencies - 470 every 30 mins and S3 every 20 mins, which will have a better / worse impact on users in that area.

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