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Nine Elms would appear to have the highest number in any Underground station name, or indeed station in London (though Chafford Hundred is just outside).
Nine elms feels like a modern station in almost its purest, simplest form. Though it's a shame the Samara Scott artwork didn't make it, it was a clever and locally relevant approach that would have brightened up the entrance. The passageway under the viaduct is long overdue, the railway and the previously rather impenetrable fruit market complex were a huge barrier.
I had a bike seat nicked from that Sainsbury's car park.
Maybe the health and safety pedants are obsessed because their insurers told them to be.
At first the staff office in the photo of the ticket hall looked suspiciously like a ticket office! I guess we can but dream...
Sprout Eater - a shame that Turkey street isn't renamed Forty Hall
Wilcox Road is also notable as being the location of My Beautiful Laundrette. There’s now a rainbow plaque commemorating the film and its important local LGBTQ+ history.
Isn’t Nine Elms the 271st station, as Battersea Power Station station is the terminus point, thereby becoming the 272nd?

dg writes: The first train ran from BPS.
That path under the viaduct is a very useful addition for the area, it's easy to forget that railway lines can be just as much a barrier to local people as motorways
Battersea Power Station is much more showy... but I think I prefer Nine Elms. Sure, it's plain - but it's simple, well finished and spacious. What's your fav, DG?
When we visited on Monday evening, the escalators broke down just as we got to the top of them, and they hadn’t got them working again when we came back an hour later. Not an auspicious start for an attractive station.
An aside, but only that, not a snark. Picture 7, of the ventilation shaft and emergency exit, looks to me to have the character of a screengrab from Minecraft, at least in today's post (the Flickr version looks more 'real life'). Welcome to London 2050.
The advice to stay hydrated in hot weather doesn't stop being good advice (although less immediately relevant) while the weather is cooler, so TfL may just be trying to get it embedded in everyone's heads ready for next year.

...or maybe it's a faff putting the whiteboard away and getting it out again so it's just left with the last notice on until next needed.

dg interrupts: It's the first day at the new station!

I'm a bit surprised the new stations aren't equipped solely with electronic signs; the technology is good enough, and probably cheap enough.
As a local I'm loving my new tube station.The biggest ommission seems to be the lack of a cycle hire station. I’d of thought it was a no brainer.
As a local I want to thank you for noting the importance of the arch. It is correct to say that it's more significant and transformational for many here than the station will be - though the station is a welcome addition.

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