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Funnily enough, after decades with that classic “e”, Eurostar have recently changed their logo, so even that aspect of the bus display is incorrect!
Weird to hear about the disappearance of the Apothecary Street bus stop. I've used it many times for the short hop to Southwark station (where the bus stop annoyingly moved south of the traffic lights some years ago).

I had a quick look just now at the southbound 63 bus route on the TfL website and they are suggesting that 'Blackfriars Station / South Entrance' is the best stop for interchanging with the district and circle lines! Also there is some very confusing info regarding St Saviours & St Olaves School on there.
In the new version of the poster there is no indication of motion by either adult or child. So those illustrated are standing on the left..!?
Surprised Apothecary Street has a bus service, it’s very short…
BTW do you know what that long shed, adjacent to the railway, between Apothecary and the Blackfriars Pub is?

dg writes: yes
Since the child is presumably at the front, they are coming up and standing on the left.
Regarding the point about Stratford International, the posters showing the South West Trains network on their 455 class trains still show Waterloo as the place to change for Eurostar.
On the new escalator poster, both the child and the adult have an arm to the front, so unless they are contortionists they do appear to be travelling towards the viewer and so are standing on the left.

And as for the 108 bus display, the DLR also goes to Stratford International station, so the DLR symbol should appear there too.
The long shed is Network Rail's Ludgate Cellars combined AC / DC interface and DC traction substation, installed when Thameslink was upgraded and the 25kV overhead electrification extended south from Farringdon to City Thameslink.
Apothecary Street used to be my stop too - the previous and following stops are both some distance away (and uphill), so a very popular one. It was also the first stop that all three routes across the bridge (45, 63 and 100 in my day) called at.

It was moved about 100 yards further south some time around 2001, for no obvious reason other than to make me walk further, and to delay the traffic, as the street is not as wide there as the previous location.
108 - why don't they use the DLR roundel for the DLR, TfL has created one for it. Stratford International should have a National Rail symbol as well as a DLR roundel.

This is what happens when you get rid of your nerds.
South Eastern also stop at Stratford International so it needs the National Rail sign.
Nobody loves an apothecary.
Stratford International should only have a national rail sign. Anywhere reachable on the DLR from there can be reached sooner by alighting from the bus at Stratford.
City of Westminster, City of London, City of Southwark and now City of Stratford?!!
Congratulations on your new cathedral/elevated status!
No need to apologise for irrelevant news. Keep it coming!
Having travelled on the 65 on my way to LTM depot Open Day recently, the bus stop at the Dysart bus stop has a different name now. I cant remember if the new name or if the announcement and or the display is the old or new name.
These screens with “all sorts of additional information” are, in my opinion, generally useless, since there is a complete lack of imagination or insight into what kind of information would be useful.

For instance, on the approach to an interchange (bus or train or both), these screens could show live departures. That way, passengers would know immediately where to go (without needing to crowd around a departure board or stand in the middle of a crowded pavement/platform/passageway... this is a big problem at Stratford station) and whether to walk or run.
You managed to find a 507/521 batch E200EV with a working Navaho Screen! The ones transferred onto the 360's screens are very hit or miss. Some don't work at all, some don't seem to like the speed bumps and will flick in and out of existence, some are on but don't display the information.

Please keep us up to date if the reader does get an update from TfL regarding the missing bus stop!
The errant Eurostar symbol - yes it is inconsequential, but it shows a lack of attention to detail. And it begs the question of what other information is wrong without me being aware that it is so.
As a possible explanation for the vanished bus stop - it may have been removed ahead of the planned refurbishment of the building at 100 New Bridge Street. The main tenant, a law firm, is about to move to a building near Spitalfields Market.
Joachim - probably a likely explanation and good news. The current building is an example of postmodernism at its worst, and any refurbishment could only be an improvement.
No rebuilding works are yet underway at 100 New Bridge Street, and to remove the Apothecary Street bus stop two months ago would appear to be premature.
Whatever the reason (or even the lack thereof) a bus stop's removal should be announced. What kind of sinister plan is in action leading to such cover-up?
The incident on the escalator at London Bridge station was not last month, it happened on the 1st January 2023, on the National Rail station.
You have a word for marketing bolx, and we need a word to describe such negligence as well. I asked AI to come up with one. Here's "his" idea:

" [...] Disorganaize. This word is a combination of disorganize and disdain, meaning to cause chaos and confusion by showing contempt and disregard for the people affected by the organization's actions or inactions. For example, you can use this word in a sentence like this:

• The city council disorganaized the residents by changing the garbage collection schedule without any notice or explanation. [...]"

Well, not the best but good attempt. Maybe you have a better one.

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