please empty your brain below

Very good!
Are you a time traveller?
That was wonderful!
Heh! I enjoyed that.
Thanks, I still haven't stopped laughing. Totally loved 'Washout fortnight continues'.
Ha ha! Love it. Thank you DG.
*applauds loudly*
Loved the pensioner confused by bin day!! Classic!
Ninth in the medal table? After watching porky Rooney and others show how really bad we are at sport- I’m booking an overseas holiday.
haha great!

Or another potential story:

"GB Olympic team member misses game due to Olympics accommodation mix-up!"

Seriously, I'm sure many of these stories will be true though.
I thought your stories were a bit too positive! Let the national wingefest begin. Who will lead the pack? I have my money on the Daily Mail, but the Guardian has been bringing up the rear in lots of knocking copy as well and of course comment is free is it's own joy. I shall expect a lot of Northern shoulder chipping.
That was cruel :(
I mean, hey... there's only so much laughing you can do before it really starts to hurt your cheeks!
Hmmm. I wonder if I can guess your post for Thursday.
Anything to do with a church hall, perchance?
Superb, DG!
Even my wife (who has no sense of humour) found them funny, particularly regarding the athletes paying back the Lottery investment!
Definitely one for my archives
"been on the bus since Wednesday" Love it...

Don't worry, it'll be alright on the night though..*crosses fingers* lol
Reading the article and comments a couple of months after the event is even more entertaining. Gold medal for self mockery!

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