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I won't be wearing one, they can't force me, and I've decided I'm medically exempt anyway, etc etc
I was in a shop yesterday and you wouldn't believe how many selfish people weren't wearing face coverings, etc etc
The stipulation by TfL that face coverings must tie behind the ears or head seems a bit odd. Fair enough to exclude just holding a handkerchief over your nose and mouth. But what about wearing a full head motorcycle helmet? That sounds to me like a reasonable choice for someone who doesn't like masks.
The evidence for wearing face masks is as weak as it always has been. You didn't discuss the exemptions but they are also pretty vague. I have worked out I qualify exempt for at least four of the reasons so will be wearing my government supplied exempt lanyard instead.
Malcolm, that’s alright so long as you are happy to roar up and down the aisles in Tesco grabbing at bottles as you head for the checkout.
This is a very useful piece which I shall recommend my MP reads when she gets an email later today begging for more clarity (and huge fines for non compliance). Yesterday I visited my local WH Smith to collect some regularly ordered magazines. Outside was an A-board saying 'wear a mask, it is government GUIDANCE'. All the world statistics at the moment are horrific eg the need for quarantine for returnees from Spain and, although as someone who needs to wear glasses that quickly steam up, I am entirely happy with the tightened regulations/legislation. You have done a service today DG.
Having travelled from Clapham Junction recently I was not tempted to take the mask off while just on the platform. The less fiddling the better. That also goes for this irritating business of wearing it under the chin. It should either be on or off, and to do either, by handling the straps only. This also needs to be underpinned by having a suitable place to put it about one's person when taking it off. I've got used to this under a strict volunteer policy with a local organisation.

After a trip to the supermarket, I leave it on until I have stopped handling the trolley out of consideration for others - not that I recall having sneezed on one before.

TfL need to as zero tolerance to tagging on bus shelters as they are on the buses trains. Tedious crappy tags make the whole place look, er, crappy.
TfL clearly think they can “do without“ passengers and no rule or regulation can be draconian enough. I’ve used their services just once since compulsory masks came in (10 mins each way on the DLR and that was enough) .The loss of my custom won’t break them, but added to the other 90%+ it just might.
Its a stupid time to bring this rule in, the time was at the start of the pandemic. If they werent necessary then why are they necessary now.
I see the rule introduction as a political move forced by the insistence of Labour rather than and medical or virology based input.
This idea is reinforced by the criteria of "mask", it can be anything from a motorbike snood to a foam mask.
Kim, the fact that you had to wear a face covering on the DLR is a Government requirement. You may be suggesting the Government want to break TFL.
If you don't wear a face-mask, you MAY catch the virus and you MAY be transmitting it too. If you do wear a mask, you're protecting yourself and others. No-brainer.

Not bothered about exceptions and questionable rules - (IMHO) wearing one in public closeness is a necessity, and (IMHO again) should reduce the impact of the second spike...
People confusing facts with opinions should have a long hard look at themselves.

A recent meta-analysis (where the data from every study that has been published on the protective effect of masks is reassessed) showed that if 95% of people wear cloth masks (the least effective) when they're out and about interacting with other people, it reduces transmission by at least 30%.

The compound effect of this is that after a month or so you have one third the infections you would have if no masks were worn. [Source]

To align mask-wearing with a particular political leaning or anything else other than facts - which don't exist to prove that wearing a mask is anything but beneficial - is irresponsible. We need every break we can get in fighting this virus.
Oh do give over (Government not our dear DG), the constant pedantry is doin me 'ead in.
Hamsters have proven the effectiveness of masks.
These rules are pointless if not enforced. I had to travel on a bus today and only one other person was wearing a mask correctly. Disgraceful.
Only the first two comments today are fictional.
Joel, completely agree. Bone headedness or plain selfish and dumb opinions are likely to aid the pandemic. It is here to stay, but let’s not help it too quickly, and before any kind of immunisation kicks in - which is way off.

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