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Is that a rh drive bus at Bow?

David Hembrow comments: "Bike boxes are still sometimes seen as aspirational in other parts of the world, but far from being an ideal to aim for, they're actually one of the least effective measures that can be taken for cyclists. Bike boxes are increasingly uncommon in the Netherlands."

Drivers will continue to sit in the cyclists box, no matter where the ASL is - and so will motorcyclists which can be just as deadly. The law is never enforced.

There's also an exit from the McDonald's drive-thru to contend with, just before the bus stop. It's a shocker for everyone, this junction. Was it Iain Sinclair that called it 'The End Of Walking London'?

I've given up cycling to work until Bow is fixed.

Did you know that if you take an aerial shot and highlight all the blue cycle routes, it forms an image of BJ's signature across the whole of London? Maybe.

Actually I can also see the proposals being more dangerous for drivers too. The first picture shows a light on the left that is green (for the cycle lane) and a late at the same position on the right hand side of the road that is red. I can see drivers not realising the light on the left is only for cyclists and running the red light, causing even more problems.

Have you posted your comments to TfL. It is the standard complaint form but with a bit of work you can get through.
This is all about maintaining capacity for general traffic at the expense of people walking and cycling. Even though TfL's own potential for cycling document states that around 23% of people currently driving could cycle.
If you provided a half decent scheme so people could walk and cycle through the Bow Junction, you could take up to 20% of the road away and still people could get to where they want.

Presumably the cycle set would have little cycle logos on the lights (I'm sure I've seen them somewhere on the actual lights, rather than on the side)

Yeah, I've seen cycle lights with little green bicycles. The problem with these is that only the green one is a special shape, so people watch a red light thinking they are for them, make to start moving on yellow, and then have to stop abruptly when they see a green bike/man/horse/filter arrow that doesn't apply to them, and have to look around to find the signal head they should have been watching (which may have phased through green and back to red whilst they were watching the wrong one). In France the red and yellow lights are also shaped, as well as the green ones.

@Tony Martin - (I think you meant to say)
"Is that a left hand drive bus at Bow?"

Brilliant - that will make it much easier for bus drivers to see any cyclists between them and the kerb. Is there time to re-engineer the production run of Borismasters that way round? A bit inconvenient for the passengers though.

I am a LGV driver who often drives in London. I have been trying to open a dialogue with TFL on this subject with little success.

From the emails I have had they seem to think they way forward is educating drivers that we have to put up with cyclists all over the place and we should be more careful. They are even offering a free lens if you email them, see

They also offer discounts on training for cyclists,

Missing http:// in second link.

dg writes: Updated, ta.

Excellent blog (as always!) DG.
I don't understand why TfL can't (?won't?) see all the drawbacks you identify when a non-cycling local layman does.

I cycle across this roundabout everyday. Great news that there will be a cycle lane straight to the ASL but the traffic light is useless. If this design goes ahead then I'll simply just use one of the main lanes and ignore the optional cycle lane and optional cycle lights and just go through green with all the motor traffic.

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