please empty your brain below

Not that I want her.
Pork markets. 😦
She seems like she's trying to build herself up as a mini-Trump. It will play well with the Conservative party. Will it play well with the voters in an election, that I'm less sure.
I hope she'd be a pleasant change.
And I think she will be even worse than boris
I don't think Rishi could get the support, and I don't think Boris will last next year.
Strong appeal to the anti-disgrace faction - keep cheese British!
I enjoyed her book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" and suspect it will be a foretaste of her time as PM. [irony=off]
I think she'll be a disaster. But the only voters who matter in this are Tory party members and she is playing them like a fiddle. They'll vote for her in droves.
Madly, the fake Thatcher impersonator is in with a betting chance. Not that i would want her. Cheese!
God help us

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