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Everything about quiche is wrong.
They look awful, they taste awful, even the word quiche is awful.
How can one discern that a rabbit warren is medieval?
Each time I've visited Durham I have been greeted by rain or at best continuous drizzle, and on one occasion by fog which rendered the cathedral a Monet-like view. I too stared at the Arup building which, even now, is jarringly at odds with its location.
I'd definitely recommend spending more time in Darlington - an ace place! Can't comment on Derry, but Denbigh and Dundee both worth spending time in...
John Betjeman's film abut Diss can be seen at Well worth watching if you like Betjeman and his films.
MO: Just ask the Burrow Council :)
An interesting post. However, I was delighted by the cornucopia of pictures revealed by clicking on the ones in the post. Some relevant e.g. Didcot towers, and some others, e.g. Regent Street buses. But all fascinating to look at.
What a lovely trip around England with lots of trivial information at the same time. I will be tempted to visit a couple of these places when times change. Thank you DG.
I too made the error of having a timed ticket to return from a trip to Derby...

What was even more annoying is that the guard on the train then said that they don't really care about what train your on in the afternoon going to London.

So I could have gone home three hours earlier!
where are the lytchett strips and medieval rabbit warren in Dunstable
But not my birth place - Dover?! Am gutted!! Apart from the castle, it is consistently voted one of the worst places to live in the U.K. - so definitely worth a visit!
Kingsgate Bridge is indeed Ove Arup's design; Dunelm House was by Architects Co-Partnership. More info here.

As a student at Durham in the 70s, I hadn’t yet learned to appreciate Brutalism; most of my drinking took place in the snug at the back of the Shakespeare Inn, rather than in the student union bar...
5) Derby -
Derby station wins the award for 'constantly under construction'. I don't think it will ever be finished, like a Midlands Forth Bridge.

10) Durham -
Continuing the 'Kingsgate Bridge' interest, with work I used to have a meeting in Durham every January. It wins the award for 'Slipperiest bridge'.
I live in Derby and I could not argue with DG's description. Nothing has 'improved' over the last 12 months, things have indeed 'stayed the same' or worst still have degenerated further. Never mind leaving on an earlier train, save your money and don't bother coming in the first place. Nothing good to see here. If you've got an unused OUT ticket I'll take it off your hands!
Dear DG and Kevin Too... I grew up in Derby for the first 18 years of my life, and still every single member of my family lives there... it’s not the most amazing city, but it ain’t that bad!! I would urge you to give us a full day DG :) we are certainly wayyyyyy better than Nottingham lol :)
Full marks to everyone who spotted that this isn't a regular feature, and that A, B and C never happened.
1) We stayed in a hotel just outside the town for week in 2015, and visited the Brick Mallard (on the eastern edge) among other nearby places.
2) Nearest I've been is through the Dartford Tunnel or over the QE II Bridge.
3) Went through on a train several times (many years ago now!) when going to/from Bodmin Road.
4) Been there. Sainsbury's superstore next to the station has ruined the local shops, but there's a nice castle!
5) Not been; was hoping to go this year to compare with Nottingham (visited in 2019).
6) Only passed it on the train; was hoping to go the Railway Centre this year.
7) Never been; looks more interesting than it's name suggests!
8) Been round it several times on the A35. Poundbury is an "interesting" sight from a distance!
9) Have only driven through it (on the A5) to avoid M1 roadworks / accidents.
10) Never been there except passing through on a train; would like to visit sometime.
Ricci, I might have to beg to differ on that one! Nottingham has got lots to see and an interesting topography, whereas Derby is um on a par with Leicester :-)
Bah to Derby, Nottingham and Leicester!
Loughborough is the best place in that area!
Your 2015 entry for Durham includes your speculating that you might have nipped up Maiden Castle had it not been for incessant rain. That would have been quite an exertion!

dg writes: About half a mile

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