please empty your brain below

Probably aimed at the sort of parent who is insulted by their child being searched while ironically being rather more likely than average to be using the child to sneaking something in (whether a weapon or something else such as alcohol if that's banned). I think they were trying to make it seem friendly, but it just ends up looking weird and reading awkwardly.
If wanding is only a fallback from arch-walking for adults, but the standard for children, does that mean that children shouldn't be arched?
Emphasises a rule of mine - never enter any place which decides they need a bouncer on the door.
If arching is safe for adults, why not children too? It's considered so in airports.
Not sure I'm ever going to be able to hear that song in the same way again after learning this though!
A previous iteration of the hammer mascot, Herbie the Hammer, looked significantly cuddlier, but around 2011 it seems a need was discovered for some kind of technofuturist reboot.

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