please empty your brain below

You write about so many different things and a new blog post everyday I suprised that it doesn't happen more often.

....and where did I put it?

It's of no consequence. I imagine most of your readers are getting to an age where they will have forgotten the first time.*

Not only that, they will have no memory of the previous time you wrote about the thing, and if it was a really interesting thing we would accept the fact it worth writing twice.

* sorry. For some reason I seem to have gone all Frankie Howerd

Oh Gawd. I write a lot in my job and often find something that has my name on it, so I definitely wrote it, but not only do I not remember writing it, but I can't for the life of me understand it.

Maybe you need to move out of London?


Maybe you should have written something about kittens.


@ geofftech - that was brilliant. Thanks for posting. I don't feel so desolate at the lack of a DG post now. :)

I think I may have written the same comment more than once.

You deserve a day off geeze.

Ah, I think something got added to one of the Count's scores.

How did you find out that you had already written about it? Can I presume you were researching the subject so carefully that you came across a wonderful reference that just turned out to be written by you?

I've forgotten what I was going to write!

shortest dg post ever?

I've reposted an old post four times in the past few months and no-one's noticed. You should try it...

I was introduced recently to Stannah's new express model of stair-lift, which gets you to the top of the stairs before you forget why you wanted to go up.

Am I the only person who is curious as to what it was?

Was it a thing about horrible PR people sending you misconceived marketing material? You seem to have no compunction in writing about that repeatedly.

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