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AFAIK, the low emission regulations will grant an exemption to any vehicle built pre 1973. This includes all Routemasters and earlier buses, RT etc, and means events such as the London to Brighton veterans run can still take place.

Tony Martin

dg writes: Ah, yes, let me tweak the last paragraph...

And vaguely relating to this and an earlier topic this month:

If you had got off a heritage bus at Aldwych south side and looked at the two bus stops to the south of St. Clements you would see that one serves twenty-one bus routes and the one next to it serves a further twenty-two.

The trolleybus on display was a visiting bus,and had come from the LT Museum depot at Acton.
It was a bus originally operating on routes in West London.
I, like you, was surprised at the large number of people at the event.

Last weekend, I was waiting for a 15, and a Routemaster came along followed by a new bus. At every stop bar one, bemused people let the Routemaster go in order to get on the new one, some of them even waving the Routemaster on when the driver stopped and signalled to them to get on. Genuine preference, or confusion as to whether they'd have to pay in old pennies or show a ration book or something?

Thanks for the Flickr links,dg,which I have been drooling over...also your own carefully chosen selection.
Before you lost your programme (proceeds to St.Joseph's Hospice) did you notice that a bus garage was open between 1931 and 1959, just behind the Bryant and May factory, in Blondin St called Clay Hall,(CL)
after the neighbouring and long vanished Clay Hall Road?
PS Female partner and son also loved it.

And not a bendy-bus in sight I take it.

Great post!

Another great post, I remember like it was yesterday the 158, from the Eastcote Arms to Ruislip. The last time I was in the UK, they only had a mini bus on the same route.

er,no, John....see links...

Out of interest, were any of these 'people who like buses' female?!

apologies, I've read it PROPERLY this time... *embarrassment*

Oh yes, Greenline, takes me back a long while. About twice a year my mum, sister & me, waited at for one at Thornton Heath Pond,(sadly no longer there), to go into London, to catch another 2 buses to a relative in Ealing. Must have taken all day! I took Geoff & his sister to Stockwell Garage Open day many years ago, and we all loved it. As a small child my transport of choice was the 42 tram from said 'Pond' once a tram Depot, now for buses only.

Come off it mate you are an 'enthusiast; :P

Mr Fairweather may wish to rekindle some route 158 memories via this link.


I was half expecting to see DG wearing a "I am not Diamond Geezer" T Shirt while browsing amongst the buses at Bow Garage

I have to agree with Anonymous - you have to be part of the enthusiast tendency. Who else rides a bus route equivalent to their age on their birthday? Still it was a good open day and it was good to see a fair number of locals enjoying a look behind the scenes along with the "enthusiast tendency".

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