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This looks fantastic. I think it's great that London is finally opening up to the idea of building taller. It's not just about having a skyline for the sake of having a skyline, but also freeing up space on ground level for potentially more open spaces & public parks. The height restrictions imposed by English Heritage have seen the city's architecture forced into developing ground-hugging behemoths, often cramped and boringly inoffensive. With the Leadenhall, Gherkin, Shard et al, we're now seeing more elegant and slender buildings that will also stand as iconic structures for generations to come. The stark contrast of reflective glass against the old Victorian stone of the city creates a street-level environment that compliments both the old and the new equally. Lest we forget London is not a 'museum' city like Rome or Vienna, it is dynamic, modern and international and therefore should continue to grow and reflect the times in which we live. Onwards and upwards, London.
Excelent. I know of 2 others who'd like to visit this too. Glad it's got a long run.
This is defiantly on my list to do on my next trip to London.

Thanks DG.
.... and no-one does 'defiant' like the Dutch, Michael !

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