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"London welcomes 27 million visitors a year" according to

dg writes: If we ever get to the 27 millionth of June, I'll be sure to include that.

and to be exceptionally dull -
The 2012 Olympics are scheduled to open on the 27th July 2012.

dg writes: Sorry, I'm not including dates. Dates are too easy.

The Saunders Roe A.27 was a British military biplane flying boat. It was named the "Saro London".

If you're going to allow numbers of stations on lines then I guess you could say something about the still-maintained Charing Cross station on the Jubilee line, making 28 stations that are still in use (to some degree)?

Wish I hadn’t looked at your blog this morning- as it was after receiving an email from ‘The Boss’ advising me I’m 27th in the sales league table on the 27th week of the year. P45 in the post?

Well as you're scraping the barrel, it takes 27 days to drive from London to Mongolia apparently!

For tomorrow, perhaps you could mention the films 28 days/weeks later

London has 27\\% of national cinema admissions (but only 12\\% of the population of the UK).

As you're desperate, I'll add something rather dull, boring and tedious. Apparently, London has 27\\% of the UK's 'combined heat and power potential', according to The Climate Group.

dg writes: 'combined heat and power potential'? Whatever that is, I'm sure it's not quantifiable.

London SE27 is for wonderful West Norwood, and this was the highest-numbered postal district until the late addition of Thamesmead...

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