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The Gothic House in Langford place also appears in Geoffrey Fletcher's 'The London Nobody Knows' and was the home of the Clapton Messiah, John Smyth-Pigott - both well worth investigating.

dg writes: Ah yes, that was Betjeman's focus too. He's going into the post, thanks.
Excellent work...

And on to the site of the potential ...
I never ceased to be amazed at how much I learn about a subject from you when I think I had a pretty comprehensive knowledge about it already.

Pleased you didn't refer to Marlborough Road station as "disused". It is obviously used - it was a station and is now a substation. It shows how desperate we are for space in London when LU cannot find space for a substation without needing to take back a property that was being commercially let.
Wow! Ever since I first saw it in (probably) that Betjeman documentary, I've had a lasting memory of 'that building with the Henry Moore-ish helmet canopy' and have wondered if I was ever likely to find where in St John's Wood it actually was.
I think I envisaged that it was one of those places that someday I'd just come across when I wasn't looking for it.
And - indirectly - I suppose that's exactly what's just happened!
Good report DG. The drive in florist used to be the Blue Star petrol station in the 60's. My Gran used to live next door in Hanover Gate Mansions. Great for me as a youngster. Marylebone Station on one side and Regents Park just a few minutes away. I also remember the huge BR Goods Yard along Rossmore Road which is now all flats.
Lovely fish and chips down the road at the Sea Shell in Lisson Grove.
Thanks, I had wondered why the Chinese restaurant had disappeared to be replaced with 'nothing'

It would have been nice to have gone in the restaurant before it closed...
I assume that Station House is the building now called Overground House? That is near to Swiss Cottage if I remember rightly, and is the head office of LOROL (London Overground Rail Operations Ltd).
IP6 = "Intervention Point"
Jim, Overground House is the left-hand end of the red brick building on the left side of the Swiss Cottage photo. It recently replaced (between 30 and 15 years ago) a World War II bomb site (which I used to sneak around in). That part of the building was renamed to match the occupant when they moved in.

The low metal railing surround was added to the skylight in the months before the Olympics last year, perhaps to stop determined troublemakers from driving lorries through the thin low wall and down onto the tracks.
Goats? Real live goats? The four-legged kind?
Goats. Real live goats. The four-legged kind.
Goats. Oh, well. In London you may find anything.

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