please empty your brain below

Please don't get your tube map out and count.
Let's see if we can work it out between us, from memory. And no hogging all the answers, ta.

Until 12 noon anyway...

Complete guess, haven't even thought about it but intuition says North.

Upon thinking about it I can only think of 2. Ooops.

West? Ealing, Ruislip, Hounslow, Acton, Minster, Ferry, (Do the previous two count?) Silvertown (I discovered that one whilst returning home from London City Airport the other day!)

I would instinctivelythink "west" too. (even if Minster and Ferry - and for that matter Silvertown,as a DLR station, don't count, as I fear they may not)

Hampstead and Finchley and Ham can all be added to that list, anyway.

(West)minster counts.
(West)ferry doesn't, because it's on the DLR.

I thought West, from a pure guess, too. That's because West is traditionally a "better" address than East, and stations would have been named after common place names.

Southfields, South Ken, South Wimbledon, Clapham South...erm I would have said SOuth Quay, but as it's on the, is there a South Harrow?

There's a South Ruislip. And I think an Acton South (or is it South Acton?) too.

There's quite a few "north" ones as well, from where I was brought up Northwood, Northwood Hills, Northwick Park, North Harrow, North Wembley. I think there's also a North Ealing.

DG, does South Acton count? -- as it's not on the tube, it's on mankytrain.

I'd add Northfields to the North list. I've a feeling North is probably the winner.

dg writes: No, South Acton's not allowed.

West Hampstead, West Ham/East Ham, South Kenton and Hounslow East all spring to mind.

I'm sure there must be a couple of others

Oh, and South Woodford. That's all I got. Can I go and look at a map now?

South Ealing

Sticking with the North (and I confess that as it is after 12 noon, I have looked at the map!):

Acton North
Clapham North
North Greenwich

Does responding to this (twice) make me a geek - I'll just go and get my anorak!

Northolt, East India

dg writes: Yes and No (East India's on the DLR)

East Finchley, and Mill Hill...

East Putney, West Kensington, Southwark, Lambeth North, Dagenham East, Southgate.

OK, not that I'm obsessed or anything (or that due to severe weather here I've lost all TV reception) but here's my last shot - West Brompton

This really is my last shot - how could I forget Aldgate East - I worked on a office directly above it for 3 years!!!

West-bourne Park?

There's two left (on the same line, two stations apart)

That would be East-cote and West Harrow.

Which means as though it appears that North is head of the field, unexpectedly

But if you exclude compound forms like Eastcote and Westminster, and only include those where the compass direction is a separate word, the result is...North 7, South 8, East 8, West 9

That's the last two stations!

And yes, North wins if you allow compound forms, and West wins if you don't.

Zut alors! How could I have forgotten Eastcote - I went to school there and the church I got married in is also there!!

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