please empty your brain below

All the Thames Bridges within London in as few a photographs as possible? Tomorrow 4 more shots taking us as far as Battersea?
No need for the first or third on in that case!

There must be an art to getting as many blog posts out of one trip as possible. DG is a master.
Very strange... We did that very boat trip on Tuesday as well.

The trip featured a very, very annoying person trying to do a tour-guide speech, mainly about the pubs you could see from the river - and getting most of the "fact" wrong (Cleopatra's Needle is 3,464 years old, not "2,000" (eastbound) or "3,000" (westbound), the tall building in the Docklands is "One Canada Square" and not "Canary Wharf" etc etc.

They had the nerve to do a "collection" for the rant of incorrect "facts" too!
That first one with the HMS Belfast... it looks like there's a giant Homepride man tooled up and hanging off the side.
@ Audrey - I thought that too!
I thought it was a pun on "left column", given where they appear on the monitor ..
Has dg been to the Bridges exhibition at the Museum of Docklands?
You bought a jet-ski???
Like, wot?

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