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A disappointing and brief arrival after all the hype. I think many people expected to see some abseiling down the Tower.
I could have said, "A bit of a let down!"
Great day for Lutfur but sodd all for the proles.
Usual self important dellusional member.
Outside of TH most people think the Tower is in the City anyway.
We watched it from outside the pub on the other side of Tower Hill, where it looked mildly impressive. And then went back inside to finish our pints.
It looked good on the live internet feed, apart from the occasional breakups. It feels that we're just treated as disposable and unimportant "studio audience" members there to provide a live back-drop for TV coverage. That was certainly true for the Jubilee Flotilla.
I'm just back from seeing the torch relay at various points of its run from Greenwich, up to Eltham, and on towards Woolwich.
Lots of people lining the roads enthusiastically cheering the procession, lots of flag-waving. There was even a decent amount of sunshine, for a change!
Maybe last night might have been different but - from what I saw of this morning's event - I'd feel like a killjoy to start looking to find criticism.
Torch Relay: upliftingly involving & communal
Torch drop-in: solely with an eye for the media
I had a similar vantage point to you, DG. I had a prime spot on the South Bank, opposite the Tower, and I saw both descents. I agree with you that the Torch was difficult to see from the other side of the river, but as I was walking alongside the river anyway yesterday evening, I thought I may as well watch it.

In my opinion, the arrival of the Olympic Torch into Central London was quite good, but I would have been disappointed had I travelled specifically to see it.
"Outside of TH most people think the Tower is in the City anyway.
Otter | 21.07.12 - 9:09 a.m. |"

Not helped by Boris crowing about what a great moment it was for the City!
Please excuse me if I missed your report, but did you see the Real Relay go by unheralded? Search real relay for the proper event.
I was very excited to see it :)

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