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…Lord’s, the Oval, lunchtime lectures, the best hospitals in the world, schools with dozens of first languages spoken, the embankment cyclepath, the diamond geezer blog, the fact everyone will have their own 400 things list…
Reading Diamond Geezer with my morning tea
"the best hospitals in the world" - LOL!
Crossing out the things which don't apply to me, what I don't know, what I disagree with, but keeping those I couldn't have named myself, I get to 133. I would add DG's blog, the Proms, Holland Park, the feeling of relief when leaving for the continent, and the urge to return.
People in London have a different understanding of what a night is. For me it's the period between evening and morning. Before moving to London, I was a night out person, I went out about twice a week. And I mean properly out, going home when the sun was up. But come on guys... Pubs ringing last call at 11pm, night clubs closing at 1am? We used to go down to the club at 1am, not leaving it. That's a matinee version of a night out.
DG, thanks for liking 1948 - that’s the year I was born in Bermondsey. 😉
The first view of the city from the left side of a Eurostar as it approaches Rainham
I'm pleased to see my local library in the list, but it should be spelled with two double Ls - 'Fullwell Cross'.
garden squares is on twice - put yourself on instead!

dg writes: one replaced, thanks.
the shadows cast by the balustrades of Westminster Bridge, the view of Greenwich from Island Gardens, taking the Clipper, thinking I know things when really I just read it in DG's blog...
A shame that the National Hat Museum didn't make the cut.
Your blog is a window on to this city full of facts and history.
Everything you wrote and more, London remains a fantastic city that even brexit couldn't kill. It is one of those places that you return to time and again, and always find some new and interesting.
Happy Double Decade!
Well, when you put it like that, it's not a bad place to live!
Can we look forward to a list with 441 items next year?

A wonderful word poem in itself, even before we start to conjure up in our minds the wealth of glorious experiences denoted by most of the list items.
The City's ‘dragons’ are griffins.
n = 20y (where y is a multiple of 5)
not n = y² (where y is an integer)
Who needs Chas and Dave's "That's what I like" with a list like this?!
I enjoyed that, thanks.

Can I jointly claim the "eagle eye" prize with Ted for noticing investment is listed twice?

dg writes: one replaced, thanks.
Amen to them all - apart maybe for the phone reception: lost a signal more than once arming Soho, would you believe (or perhaps Aden-and-Eve) it!
Ipswich getting both barrels there.
Well that seems to sum up why I'm here, as I have had the opportunity to settle in some other great places.

... and trains heading home every 3 minutes at 11pm, rarely without a mature tree in sight, the smell of the river, many outstanding hospitals, old fashioned light bulbs on Chelsea and Albert Bridge. etc.
This can be my tour guide for when next I visit. I may need more than a couple of weeks though.
Some London Hospitals are amongst world’s leading research institutions. No other city in the world can claim to have this many.
Ian - “The City dragon is often incorrectly called a griffin, or gryphon, even in some official literature.” (Hidden London)
Bother, you're making me all nostalgic - and I've only just begun the next chapter of my life, now outside London.
Reasons to be cheerful,Part III.
Because I'm a bit of an obsessive and noticed how many times Richmond was mentioned, I decided to track which boroughs featured according to my own arbitrary criteria (Dogget's Coat and Badge and Effra plaques are IN, the New London Model or Capital Ring are OUT), while the City of London would get a mention whenever Epping Forest or Hampstead Heath were referenced.

30 Westminster
26 City
26 Newham
24 Tower Hamlets
16 Greenwich
16 Southwark
15 Kensington
13 Camden
13 Richmond
12 Lambeth
9 Walthamstow
7 Hackney
6 Wandsworth
5 Croydon
5 Kingston
4 Bexley
4 Hillingdon
4 Hounslow
4 Lewisham
4 Redbridge
3 Brent
3 Bromley
3 Havering
2 Barnet
2 Ealing
2 Hammersmith
2 Harrow
2 Islington
1 Barking and Dagenham
1 Enfield
1 Haringey
Children's books which show their own city, wandering around Vauxhall and discovering the Walker Books bear, looking at the address on LPs/books/anything and seeing it's just across town, being an hours walk away from Buckingham Palace, City Hall, geoff tech and ianvisits and any scrap of railway news, having a sense of existential economic dread inexplicably lifted by seeing not one but two wellness clinics for dogs on the Fulham Road, paying £3 for a can of coke at a Benugo, sweeping up the stairs to the Betjeman statue to follow his gaze up at the blue sky through the glass ceiling as the Eurostar glides in and someone plays the piano down below

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