please empty your brain below

:D Pure genius.

(you DG, not Boris)

And why not? Londinium was obviously too much of a mouthful for the Saxons - BoJo could claim to merely be following historical precedence!

I like it! Makes London seem like an altogether more fun and vibrant place, with an air of forgettable redundancy.


Like Lego but not as much fun.

Will the Mayor now be address as:

Bori Johnso
Mayo of Londo
Tota buffo and idio




Just wondo-ful.
Can we get the 'l' out of it tomorrow?

An interview with the former Mayor had him extolling the virtues of Dubai (slave labour) and Mumbai (slums and an interesting train service) as examples for London to aim for.

I wondered if he was going to rename the city Lonbai as well.

Why not take the BBC's lead, and go for LDN?

Incidentally, am I the only one to have noticed that Boris has abolished the practice of having the 'on' of London in a different colour? No? I'll get me coat.

What, no sign of Gridlondo jumping on the bandwagon? What does Magd have to say about it?

Ah, this is like when Rick from the Young Ones was always described by the others as being rick with a silent P.


I don't know if you are aware of the "Londo" who made regular appearances on the TV space opera series "Babylon 5"? This Londo was a charming, drunken, sexually-incontinent nobleman with political ambitions and a bizarre hairstyle, who sadly made a deal with forces of fascistic evil who proceeded to completely subjugate and nearly destroy his home planet. No similarity there, then.

Many people here in Hertfordshire already shorten the county name to "Herts", so why not make London more compact by calling it "Londo" or even "Ldn"?

In light of this, I'm thinking of shortening my name from "Andrew" to "Andre". Actually, no, because that makes me sound French (perish the thought). Maybe I should stick instead to the traditional "Andy" (besides, that's only four letters long).

And another thing - has anyone thought of Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh in all this? If we're to shorten those to five letters, they'll be Birmi, Manch and Edinb respectively, which sound too much like the names of characters from a CBeebies programme for my liking.

Maybe this name shortening business isn't such a good idea after all...

Great post DG
However (there's always an 'however' otherwise we would have no need to comment) surely it is not a 'beheading ceremony' at the Tower, if it was one would think that the new name would be "ondon" thereby saving Capilisation costs in addition to losing the letter would exceed you're quoted saving of 16\\%

Jack from embra

Diamon Geeze,

wa worrie tha thi commen migh hav bee considere to lon an wast o valuabl webspac, s i'v take th necessar step t mak i mor efficien

kee u th goo wor


Awesome :-D

I laughed out loud when I read this. Thank you!

You've got me worried about Cockfosters and Scunthorp now

And Wantag and Bletchle and Didco.

For some of us, 07:00 can be too late.... and doesn't it just mean that 90\\% of the people who comment are your regular visitors?

(May confuse anyone reading this post, but I didn't want it to feel lonely)

Birmingham is already Brum ...

Tea Girl,

Who wouldn't want to say that they come from Leighto Buzzar or Miltoeynes?

I quite like Londoground!


WIll boris become mayo ?

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