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I'm sure I've got bits of that map wrong.
Do tell me if I have, and I'll fix them later.

The link to clive.billson/tubemaps/ltmonu.jpg shows a good attempt to visually explain the layout of the lines. Your diagram is ex at helping one improve on one's existing route between lines. Someone with CAD (and a lot of time) needs to map it out and then put it into a mov file (or is that yesteryear solution) or something, so that we can spin it round and zoom in and out. I'd volunteer if I could drive CAD and if someone had some rough dimensions/measurements of the station(s). I have always been facinated with the Bank/Monument "conurbation". Would it be the worst complex to get about if you are claustiphobic?

Remember the days of the tube map though when this used to appear as an 'Escalator link' with a zig-zaggy line? Now it's just a boring interchange blob.

The intriguing thing about this all of course is that Bank is physically nearer to both Cannon Street and Mansion House stations, but they put the connection in with Monument instead.

But i did this as part of a regular journey once, and found that it often IS quicker to get off the central line, come out of Exit 8, and walk 30 seconds down the road to Cannon Street where cut & cover Circle/District lines means you don't have to descend into a labyrinth of escalators and corridors to change onto your next train...

I used to travel from Bethnal Green to Old Street and had to go down a nasty twisting staircase at Bank to change to the Northern Line. Hated it. Though I had my revenge when I was 'with child' - this staircase was always being cleaned at the time I was using it and the smell of disinfectant made me throw up every morning! It took the cleaning lady a while to change her schedule though!

Come to Houston m8. 4 Hours a day sitting in my car listening to crap radio... i put a cd in... life is good for a bit.

its not just the bank monument change though - just going in from street at bank to get on dlr is another tortuous walk

Gosh, this brings back memories. I used to live in Chiswick and work in Bartholomew Lane, next to the Bank of England. On rainy days I would get off the District Line at Monument and do this tortuous route to Bank Station to avoid getting wet!

Yep, there's a staircase between the Northern Line and the DLR - a well walked route for me.

Ah the Bank/Monument escalator connection... my father and I did it many years ago and were unpleasantly surprised at how much walking was involved - I think we were expecting travelators or similar!

The other thing about the escalator connection was that it allowed the Central line to be portrayed arrow straight on the map, which I liked. The massive kink that is currently portrayed may be a little more accurate, but I much prefered the former version.

I used to pride myself on going central district via the northern line platform as it was quicker ( the first tube shortcut I learnt after moving to london). However, I noticed yesterday, during one of the few times I make the cvhange these days, that going from district to central the officially signposted route is now along the northern line platform, and there was noticably a lot more crowding on the platform. A dangerous move?

Surely when going from 9 to 3 via 7 it is stairs, long passage curving to right, then spiral stairs? No escalator involved.

7pm update
There's now a new revised version of the map, following another field trip to the station this afternoon. Blimey it's complicated, innit?

It only got really complicated after they (a) added the DLR station (thereby generating a longer route, but one with far greater capacity) between the District line and the Central line platforms (thereby avoiding the need to walk the length of the northern line ones) and (b) added that new, rather odd, passageway between the Waterloo & City line and the rest of the station (whereas previously you'd have had to pass through the ticket barriers and go down either the travelator or the slope parallel to the travelator).....which means on the diagram there should be, in addition to the PINK travelator between (1) and (2), also a GREEN passageway between those two points (I presume it's still in place...)

Rhys: pretty sure that's just because they're doing escalator maintenance (between 6 and 8 on the map), and that route gets horribly congested as people queue for the stairs.

At least one of the escalators between 5 and 8 (Upper Junction AKA "The Cruciform Area" and DLR) has been out of action for just about a year now. First one broke a few weeks before Xmas '06, they fixed that in early September and immediately began maintenance on another one. Grr.

You get no sympathy from me; I've told you before to use the Northern Line platforms to get from the Central Line to Monument.

Btw according to the TFL website it takes 3 minutes to walk from Bank to Monument at a "fast" walking speed.

If you want to have a look at the walking route using TFL's journey planner, do this:

You need to go to "advanced options" in the journey planner, select your starting and ending stations as Bank and Monument (or Monument and Bank if you're being contrary) and, under "Use any of these modes of transport" remove *all* of the ticks which leaves you with the option to walk... so select your walking speed, and then hit search.

You'll be presented with a nice pdf map showing you the street level journey between Bank and Monument.

Don't you just love the journey planner :D

Sorry for commenting more than 14 years after the original post.

I thought that I'd take a look at Bank station today before part of it is closed this coming weekend after which the layout will be different.

I think that you're missing the lift from street level to the DLR platforms. I found the lift at street level but didn't take it. I couldn't find the lift at DLR level.

I think that the line between 4 and 5 should be in green and brown rather than just green - as per your descriptions for 4 and 5, between 4 and 5 there's a passageway (green) and some stairs (brown).

I think that the orange and green on the line between 9 and 10 should be swapped. The escalator is at the Northern Line end and the passageway is at the District Line end. The descriptions for 9 and 10 need updating to reflect this also.


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