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Interesting list. Most of the differences I can see the reason for, although Bayswater being busier on Saturdays than during the week is an odd one. Unless I'm missing some obvious nearby tourist attraction that would cause this..?

And given Cannon Street is closed on Sundays, there's little surprise that the weekday passenger figures are so much higher!
What goes on for Upminster Bridge to have such a high throughput during the week?!
It's probably more than Upminster Bridge is very quiet on Saturdays (and almost dead quiet on Sundays).

There are some schools nearby, which traditionally (not sure if it's still the case) took in pupils from quite a wide geographical area, who'd get the tube to and from school. That might be one explanation, possibly even the main one. The station is so close to Upminster, with its fast trains to London, than anyone heading for the centre of town would be more likely to go that way than on the tube from the swastika-bearing station.
I'm surprised the Heathrow stations are busier at the weekends, maybe it's because the business travellers who tend to fly during the week use the HEx or cars/taxis, with tourists using the airport at the weekeneds more likely to use the Piccadilly line?
I'm suprised at the result for Stratford. Do the week day figures include passengers transferring from Central to Jubilee without touching in/out at Stratford ??
andy c: a lot of East Asian people go to Bayswater on the weekends
Is Bayswater's higher weekend footfall anything to do with Whiteleys department store?
Upminster Bridge seems to have more people coming out in the morning and going in in the afternoon - it is used by students to the nearby college who all seem to use the District Line rather than travelling to Upminster. Always has been a relatively quiet station at the weekend. Thanks DG for this week - always full of interest.

Dave B
@Bboneyboy - one factor for Stratford is Westfields opened in September 2011 but not sure if that by itself is enough to account for the busier Saturdays.
Mornington Crescent is busier on Sundays than Saturdays as Camden Town is closed in the afternoon for entering the station. If you pass it you will see crowds of visitors queueing for the lifts.

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