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Only use this comments box if you've ventured less than five miles from home since lockdown started
The furthest I’ve been is King’s Cross, which according to Google Maps is 4.8 miles from my house. Untypically, I haven’t been out of Greater London at all since 22 February - in retrospect, I’d have played early March very differently had I known what was coming.
4.8 miles. (And that was for a trip to my regular barbers in Shoreditch.)

I've had a look through my location history on Google Maps, and it's relatively rare for me to go beyond a 2.5 mile radius from home - since this covers work, shops, and places to socialise including several friends' houses. I realise this is probably unusual for London.
0.8 miles
I have continued to be a micro-traveller - just - including going into hospital for surgery.
Yep, haven't been further than walking distance from home since 10th March. Done a lot of walking, but Google Maps says the furthest point I've been from home is under four miles away. Four miles each directon from my home encompasses some lovely countryside, a few villages, and part of the Ridgeway, as well as a well-supplied town centre though.
Still not gone beyond 2 miles.
Furthest, is 2.11 miles as its the closest bank. I doubt very much if i'll get past 3 miles till next year.
Still only 3½ miles, Asda for weekly shop
Go regularly to our allotment, just a mile away. Other than that three times to nephew's to talk at a distance and same to daughter's, both less than two miles. No public transport at all.
Dear DG

I have practiced a form of ‘self isolation’ for the past five years and as for ‘social distancing’, I have not had intimate contact for nearly a decade (a quote from my latest morsel) ... so, lockdown has been fairly routine for me.

your blog has been one of the very few constants in my life thoughout this decade but last night I had unwelcome news, and I will play 'Soul in Isolation' numerous times today to get me through... but if I dont make it ... thanks I have lived vicariously through your Blog and am glad to have shared your journey.

About half a mile
The furthest I’ve travelled since lockdown is the furthest I can run (about 5k there, 5k back!).

No public transport or car travel since March.
Similar to PJS. 1 mile on my e-scooter to hospital, twice. The palliative care team are trying to get enough pain killing drugs into me so I can scoot (illegally of course) to UCLH for a course of radiotherapy as I can’t sit down or stand up for more than a few minutes.

I’ve had 60-odd years of a full & physically fit life, mostly earned just enough to pay my bills, lived in different countries & two genders. It’s been fun, & my bucket list has nothing more exciting than some local nature walks with nice coffee & cake stops. I wish you all an equally privileged life:)
I appear not to have gone further than 2.5 miles from my front door, but have still managed at weekends to go for a daily walk in the region of 9 miles .
It’s worth saying that a circle with a five mile radius encloses 78 square miles, which is a significant geographical area.

For comparison, a three mile circle encloses 28 square miles.
Somewhat ironically given yesterday's post, the furthest I've been is 2 miles on a mission to get some Percy Ingle loaves before they closed. The first time was a success, the second was too late. Other than that, I've stayed within half a mile of home but I am helped greatly by being able to work remotely.
I've not ventured further than five miles from home. Several reasons: I don't have a car, and public transport out here in the sticks has been very limited until recently, secondly most of my friends live a fair bit away so even when visiting opened up there weren't options for getting there. I've decided that I'll begin to travel further afield at the beginning of August, partly because my assessment of the risk indicates that things aren't quite as bad as they've seemed earlier on, secondly because I've become very aware that travel is important for my mental and physical health and wellbeing. It's a tricky balance, which has perhaps helped me to appreciate what difficult decisions the policymakers and advisers face.
Still haven't been on public transport since the start of lockdown but will be breaking that on Saturday. Been in to the West End a few times on my bike at weekends but other than that have stayed within walking distance of Crouch End (4/5 km).
The furthest I have been is Clissold Park which is 3.8 miles away. I had a good wander there, but would not have exceeded five miles from home. It was the first time I had left Zone One since lockdown began.
Yep, not gone more than 1 mile from home and that was only once to get my hair cut, as I thankfully found a local-ish salon to swap to from my West London salon before lockdown. Otherwise the same route every day, not too fussed as it's got greenery, river, and wide spaces to walk.
2.5 miles is the furthest I've been since lockdown started in March.
My 2.7 mile trip from before your mid-May post is still my furthest.
Cycle ride to the Thames Barrier - about 2.5 miles its says on the map, which seems like an odyssey these days
About 300 yards, and that was only last weekend. From April 1st to July 18th I didn't leave home at all; on the 109th day I ventured as far as the post box. Nothing terrible happened, and a man carrying a fence panel smiled at me. I saw no one wearing a mask, ostentatiously sanitising their hands, or performing 'social distancing' so I coped fine.
A smidge under 2 miles via a three mile route was an exception. Normally 1.5 miles on a circular 5 mile route daily
Local supermarkets and small stores are the only things I've been visiting since the start of lockdown. Beginning of this week I had a haircut, at my usual place. All within one mile of home.
4.5 miles from Waltham Forest to Hackney; rather less as the crow flies.
Furthest I've been since 3/9 is Lookout Hill in Prospect Park Brooklyn, which Google maps makes 1.3 miles from where I am sitting now.
2.5 miles radius. Lucky to have a lot of green space and a major river close by (in Manchester).
Leith to Stockbridge in Edinburgh - limited by taxi / lifts as not prepared to get on busses and my health is crap so can't walk far. I did walk from Leith to Stockbridge the walk back took me 3 hours I had to rest so much.
I live in East Twickenham, not far from Richmond Bridge so mostly it has been a walk into Richmond Town; which is 10 mins at most. I do not drive and haven't used any form of public transport since about March 17th. My last longer trip was my regular monthly jaunt into town for day wandering around a few pubs with a good friend; that was on Feb 29th (and no "monthly" since then either since he is over 70 and doesn't live in London). Being a local govt worker (and front-liner), I have worked all the way through lockdown so have cycled 3.7 miles x 2 twice weekly; the remainder of my working week being at home. Apart that and lots of park visits (thankfully Marble Hill Park is very close), the major excitement has been once or twice weekly to shop (again on the bike). So apart from one daring trip to Lidl & Aldi there in April to exotic Feltham (5.8 miles) i've not struck out of a 3.8 mile circle since Feb 29th...
Two months ago, just over 60 people left comments to say they'd been no more than five miles from home. This time, half that number. Make of that what you will.
My box has actually gotten smaller since the first month of lockdown. In April a fire alarm caused us to socially distance somewhere around the mustering point, around 60 metres from my home, since then I haven't needed to go more than 45 metres away.

Bounding box size since lockdown = 5,170 sq.metres. Since the fire alarm = 4,120 sq.metres

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