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We're looking for London roads numbered beyond 600 (or any errors in the existing list)
Great North Road In Whetstone/Barnet goes into at the least the mid 1000s.

dg writes: 1538 High Road added, thanks!

Are there supposed to be two Harrow Roads?

dg writes: Yes.
I'm sure one of your readers will have access to the post office address file and the means to query it to give a definitive answer.
Eastern Avenue in Ilford gets well into four figures, on the evens side at least.

The North Circular Road at Staples Corner also reaches four figures.

dg writes: 1228 Eastern Avenue and 1000 North Circular Road added, thanks!

The two mentions of Harrow Road - are these two separate roads leading to Harrow, or is it one road with the numbers re-setting to 1 at some municipal boundary?
Downham Way in Grove Park definitely goes above 600. I was stuck in a traffic jam right outside nos 598/600/602 on Saturday and those high numbers caught my attention. I was nearly at the end of the street so the numbers won't go much higher.

dg writes: 650 Downham Way added, thanks!
Suriya & Co Solicitors is at 1081 Garratt Lane. After coming all the way from Wandsworth Town to Tooting, the two sides are only about 100 out of sync (Caffee Manal is at 984)

dg writes: 1085 Garratt Lane added, thanks!
Finchley Road goes a bit further with Kwik Fit near Henlys Corner up to 1287 Finchley Road. May be a few more beyond that.

dg writes: extended, thanks!
Green Lanes runs up to 948 (Tessa Stevens Hair and Beauty) but is of course split in the middle by High Road, Wood Green. I walked the whole length of this a few years back which was fascinating.

dg writes: aha, 949. Updated, thanks.
Your old kent road number is wrong it should be 915, 911-915 are infact Cheers off licence with a slight focus on african and carribean drinks.

dg writes: extended, thanks!

The other side of the road finishes at 888 with "The Windsor" pub of which there is a good picture from 1883 here.
Uxbridge Road (the Stanmore to Pinner one) actually goes up to 661

dg writes: extended, thanks!

Quite impressive that 2 of the longest roads are called Uxbridge Road, considering the relative unimportance of Uxbridge, and interesting that the Pinner one loses the name a long way from Uxbridge
656 East Rochester Way (Just by Westwood Lane)...

dg writes: 985 East Rochester Way added, thanks!

Footscray Road just falls short at 597! Damn!!!
Oops! 567, not 597!
Heathway in Dagenham gets up to 671 on the western side and 578 on the eastern side.

dg writes: 675 Heathway added, thanks!
High Road, Ilford gets up to 1221 before the numbers start again at 1 in Chadwell Heath.

dg writes: added, thanks!
You could try running a query on OpenStreetMap data using the Overpass Turbo web app. Here's an example which returns 3-digit house numbers starting with a 6 and any 4-digit house numbers:

There may be some wrong hits and lots of misses. Two addresses I found this way are 633 Upper Richmond Road West and 1053 Great West Road.

dg writes: Cheers, that's amazing! 633 URRW and 1053 GWR added, thanks... plus half a dozen others from the app.
Rotherhithe Street goes up to 700 with the new flats that were built a few years ago.

dg writes: added, thanks!
Wandsworth Road goes up to 837 on the odd side (Ladbrokes) and 650 on the even side (Sainsbury's Local).

dg writes: added, thanks!
The MK Café is at 819 Commercial Road, E14.

dg writes: 821 Commercial Road added, thanks!
Greenford Road - heading north I got to number 1564 just south of Sudbury Hill station and the numbers changed

All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not a delivery driver!!!

dg writes: added, thanks!
800 Fulham Road
648 King's Road

Both SW6

dg writes: 648 King's Road added, thanks!
The shops opposite (next to the David Lloyd fitness club) go up to 1283 so a difference of 281.
874 Kenton Lane (Michelin Map, possibly slightly higher at Brockhurst Corner).

dg writes: 886 Kenton Lane added, thanks!
Ah, I now see you've Fulham road listed under NW London. I can see the logic here but was checking under SW.

Can find up to 622 on Western Avenue not sure if it goes any higher.

dg writes: 628 Western Avenue added, thanks!
Bath Road gets up to 844 by Heathrow Airport

dg writes: added, thanks!
High Road Whetstone reaches 1541, on the opposite side to 1538, adjacent to Walfield Avenue.

dg writes: extended, thanks!
Rayners Lane gets to 664 without ever having bean an A or B road. Pinner Road nearby has a 707.

dg writes: both added, thanks!
I used to live at 684 Lordship Lane, N22 several decades ago. I think the house numbers go just over the 700 mark.

dg writes: 748 Lordship Lane added, thanks!
High Road Leyton has a highest number of (I think) 844 (see

dg writes: added, thanks!
Upper Richmond Road in Sheen goes up to at least 631, then suddenly becomes 319 Sheen Road as it approaches Richmond.
South End Road in Hornchurch goes over 600 (604 I believe) and the mid 500s on the odd side.

dg writes: 608 South End Road added, thanks!
Stellar House, council tower block on the Haringey/Enfield border, has the street address of 900 High Road.

dg writes: extended, thanks!
871 Victoria Road, Ruislip
885 Field End Road: the even-numbered side only goes up to 724 and that's in Hillingdon, the odd nos. are in Harrow and the boundary line is along the pavement on the Harrow side

dg writes: updated, thanks!
Green Lanes with an s at the end.

dg writes: It has an s at the end. There's also a Green Lane in Becontree.
There's a very local one:
Olympian Court, 720 Wick Lane, E3 2PU.

dg writes: Added, thanks! That's now four roads in E3, three of which I missed.
I've spotted another one DG! Upper Brentwood Road in Romford - goes up to 630 on the even side.

dg writes: added, thanks!
Rainham Road South in Dagenham gets up to at least 678, just north of Manor Road/the Bull Roundabout (and I suspect substantially lower on the other side)

While we're nearby, 836 Dagenham Road, Dagenham (this is the one that connects Dagenham with Rush Green).

And (last one for now I think) 700 Becontree Avenue, Dagenham

dg writes: 910 Rainham Road South, 848 Dagenham Road and 777 Becontree Avenue added, thanks!
Newham Council live at 1000 Dockside Road.

dg writes: Peculiarly 1000 appears to be the lowest number in Dockside Road, which goes up to 1018
There is 960 Brighton Road in Purley.

dg writes: extended, thanks!

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