please empty your brain below

Did you note all of these at the time, with this post in mind?
Nice. You're at your best when being unseasonably snarky.
What is a more / the most provincially named nightclub?
...would both have been better questions than what Ian asked.
Glad you cleared those up! I can sleep easy again!
There's the makings of an end-of-year quiz in this. Number each question and we have to answer which blog post the comment was made on. Only one answer per person of course.
Am I right in thinking the more beautiful contour of the "No" answers indicates there were more of these to select from that the "Yes"?
You’re rarely correct, and this is no exception.
I'll take that as a "no".
The shape of the questions was not apparent on my phone, but appears relatively normal on a bigger screen!

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