please empty your brain below

Obviously, some of your readers still read that far down the page.

dg writes: that's why I said "hardly anyone", not "nobody".
Thanks you for finishing your write up on Shrewsbury House. See, I did notice!
I recognise your description of the Rowe (which I see the website fancifully describes as the Aldgate Bauhaus - a name coined, I think, during protests at the Cass being moved). We were on the last tour of the day and I think the architect and developer's project manager who showed us around were a bit demob happy. They kept telling us that we were the first tour to see the bike storage/toilets/random cupboard. We also had people who were very interested in the technical aspects rather than just to gawp at the views and the artwork. Nice to hear though that the green tiles are a nod to Gardiner's Corner. I remember being taken by my dad to see the latter burning down in 1972!
Thanks for the post. You have a huge archive of printed material from the 70s and 80s. It would be very interesting to see it
You went to Vanbrugh Park Estate? I recognised it from both picture and description and trust you did find your way in. Looking forward to that write up.
We spent a little over an hour there yesterday, so I'm impressed that you managed Victoria, Kensington, Finsbury and 3 more in 1 day.
I am just old enough and just well travelled enough to have used the Victoria flight check in facility and dedicated bus. I remembered enjoying the somewhat "exclusive" (but not luxurious) experience, but also the slog up the road from the train station (having come from Norfolk by train to Liverpool street prior to the rebuild, and then across town by underground).

Obviously I changed to use the Piccadilly when it opened, clearly neither exclusive nor luxurious, and still a bit of a slog up and down to change underground lines.
I've really enjoyed this coverage, thankyou! I see today is the last day - I'm certainly inspired to give it a try in person one year, maybe 2024.
I do try and come back to them. Especially interested in Zaha. Great write up as always dg thanks.
Name badges - A few teachers somehow decide that High Schoolers would love to wear "HELLO my name is" stickers during their class for the first day of school. Something about trying to learn our names, yet somehow these same teachers always mess up pronunciations and swap students' names. Anyway, it's always gratifying to see rubbish bins filled with assorted ripped "HELLO" stickers.
I had intended to see the French Institute yesterday, but decided that it was too far from the other six buildings I wanted to see. I'm glad you've written it up and shared your photos!
I am delighted to see that the library at the Institut fran├žais du Royaume-Uni has the exact same Olympic ring as we do in our atrium.

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