please empty your brain below

Your Christmas day dinner looks properly delicious.
609 is an impressively low step count for a man who I assume averages closer to 20,000 at non-festive times!
Veg fresh from the garden is great isn't it? The parsnip was big enough to warrant a picture - a good 12cm across. And we grew Brussels for the first time this year so also have "more than the average number" to eat - twelve stalks worth for the two of us to get through ...
Would have out money on you being an afternoon walk to let the food go down kind of person!

Impressively low alcohol intake.
On the one hand, I am constantly surprised how few people understand that beetroot was conceived, in the bowels of Hell, by Satan him self. Why would anybody do that to themselves?

On the other hand, it must be wonderful for your family to have somebody prepared to choose the strawberry cremes from the Quality Street.
The Hornsea Pottery dragon mug was one of many designs by John Clappison (son of one of the pottery’s early backers; he trained at Hull College of Arts and Crafts). It was made for the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969, but also sold for some years afterwards. Nice. Very 60s/70s retro chic nowadays. I think both my grandparents and my in-laws have more standard designs in the cupboards. Probably "Heritage".

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas.
It’s always bubble and squeak for us on Boxing Day with cold meat and pickles.
We always say we prefer it to Christmas Dinner which takes hours to prepare and gets demolished in a matter of minutes.
Tinned Corned Beef and beetroot - food of the gods. Sadly shunned by many (including everyone in this house except me).
I thought the sprout average must be exceedingly low, until I realised some must be concealed by other components. I think I must be a higher-than-average kinda guy when it comes to sprouts.
Can’t see the bread sauce or onion sauce or even gravy. Still looks very nice and far better than what I had (nothing).j
No turkey for us this year (which I didn't miss at all), but that meant no turkey-top bacon either. Your mention of it provoked a visceral response! That particular treat always makes me think "Christmas is starting!", so I mooched about uneasily all Christmas Day feeling that something essential was missing.
Just finished my 2nd meal of eating up the leftover vegetables (so, being vegetarian, 3 Christmases for me) minus the Yorkshires & stuffing which had run out by this stage!
Still have a bowl of peas and sprouts left!
I never knew corned beef and beetroot sandwiches were a thing, until now. I am vaguely tempted, it must be said.
The consumption of mashed potato with a roast perturbs me.
We enjoyed 100% sprout-free nosh. Finally, an outbreak of sanity in a mad world.
The people I spend Christmas with always seem disgusted when I suggest Yorkshire puddings. No idea why.

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