please empty your brain below

Redbridge? Snaresbrook Crown Court, Epping Forest, Englands best village (Wanstead, allegedly)

Hi Diamond
I think you'll find that all the boroughs have points of interest, famous people, somewhere pretty, somewhere historic etc., not just the inner London or wealthy suburban boroughs. Goodness, I even found some interesting things about Hounslow!

So good luck and keep dipping into that jamjar!

The trouble with randomness is that it is very difficult to intuitively tell if something is truly random. Some of us have a tendency to spot patterns so I suspect many random combinations of boroughs will produces "chains". If it is truly random then one would expect some clustering - not an evenly distributed, almost draughts-board like, pattern.

You just need Harringey to complete the chain! Go there! That's near me.

I know that's not "technically" in the spirit, but we all know you're cheating anyway...

Hello Diamond, I take real issue with your assertion that there are only 2 more interesting mega-write-up boroughs left in your jamjar, but unfortunately I don't have the time or patience to say exactly why.

Is that long number your credit card?

Dear Irritated of Brent

this is interesting
this is mega-interesting

Well, nice try Diamond, but all that demonstrates is that one borough lives by Londoners and the other lives off non-Londonders who think they've experienced London having been here for a few days. And probably done Stratford (the tourist Stratford that is) and Edinburgh.

I need to go sort out Brent council now - is that ALL they could come up with?

I forgot to mention that your figure is correct for the probability of choosing the boroughs that you did in that order but I suspect you would have made your comments regardless of the order chosen. If so you have to divide your result by 6,227,020,800 (13!) as this is the number of ways of choosing the boroughs you have selected.

I'm with Irritated of Brent - there are still lots of mega+ interesting places out there. Really make it random and see !

Well said Elaine! But not only is there lots of mega++ interesting places out there, there's a lot of *real* London in those parts that other tourists never reach!

Havering's not so bad. Discovering Havering itself (Havering-atte-Bower) is an adventure. And Redbridge has lots of fancy Central Line architecture as you go along the Eastern Avenue.

Brent is interesting because it's such a random collection of places (and because the borough should really be called Wembley instead).

Not all places in London are interesting, but each London borough has enough interesting places in them to make them interesting. Even Bexley.

Yes, I know all the London boroughs are interesting. Every single one of them, in their own way.

I've ended up in Sutton, Enfield and Hillingdon already, and I found plenty of interesting things to write about in each. (Well, apart from Sutton, maybe…)

But it's also true that some London boroughs are more interesting than others. And some considerably so.

After dg's mumbly grumbles about tourists, we get the other side of the story in Sam's Aylesbury trip. Poor guy -- 'medium' suitcase still too big, body clock all out of sync, starving hungry, inadvertently caught up in the rush hour, just trying to make himself unobtrusive and keep his mouth shut (that yankee accent!).

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