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Just as a completely random thing, the Beigel Place is featured in the video for the new single by Just Jack, "Glory Days"


That's funny. I always found the other beigal house to be superior - the filled beigals there are fresher and made to order.
I don't usually have the salt beef though.
By the way, Rinkov's Jewish bakery, on a desolate council block square just off mile end road, is better than both of them, and the cheese cake is to die for...

Oh how I miss those sexy beigels...

Those beigels are great.

On a side note, and apropos of nothing, I doubt very much if the people eating down that alley by the brewery are eating veggie. The barbecues there are usually quite meaty.

saw Joshua Rozenberg and "mad mel" Phillips noshing Beigels here one night after (me,that is) returning from an evening jaunt listening to Nightingales in Epping Forest.Not sure where J and M had been.

I never understood where the local "beigel" spelling came from. It's a bagel pretty much everywhere else.

Beigel Bake's are reasonably good. I've still never had any better than those in Montreal, though.

Definitely Beigel Bake. Just the other week due to a significantly shorter queue (now there's a clue) and a very hungry companion we went to The Other Place. Beigels good, saltbeef ok but the whole lot slapped into a microwave to be heated up. Not good.

The Beigel shop is my heaven!! Though I tend to go for cheesecake or apple strudel with my salt beef. Well, not at the same time!


Chz - beigel has always been beigel and in bethnal green where once there was a huge jewish population, we pronounced the 'I' - never an 'a' (i think bagel is americanised!)

Mazz, being Polish I can tell you it's most assuredly not an Americanism. It's a bagel in Wasawa, it's a bagel in Montreal, it's a bagel in Jerusalem.

just looked it up - beigel is Yiddish!

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