please empty your brain below

Oh dear, this gets better - cranbrook estate is where i lived!! From the angle you've taken the photo, if you follow the road round to the left, Lou and Andy's house is on the end of the terrace

Poxy bloody Cranbrook. Fat people living upstairs who need to be physically lugged down those stairs.

Just another anonymous estate where you can't find the address you want even if you have a map.

interesting! I live in Hackney so not too far off and will try and figure out where Lou and Andy are meant to live... I really like your blog, it's quite diverse and not just some personal rambling. I like being 'entertained' in more than one area and you do it well. In fact I'll now check whether you've got stuff about Regent's canal and Broadway market, which is where I live! Also here's an idea for interactive entertainment which you might want to include (unless you don't use videos, I mean your pics are really good anyway but I like blogs to be all-singing all dancing!), it's a funny viral from Budweiser:

keep it up (and I hope you're getting loads of traffic via the Diamond Geezer series currently on the telly... great free advertising!)

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