please empty your brain below

"and still wrecking my TV reception"

Indeed. And it is no comfort to your to learn that the definite legal case on the matter ( Hunter and Others v Canary Wharf Ltd. [1997]) the House of Lords agreed with the Court of Appeal that no action can be taken for interference of a TV signal by a building.

Am pleased your jam jar chose Tower Hamlets - I'm from Bethnal Green and have been living in Brisbane for ten years so this all very interesting for me!

Call me simple minded, but what is fun is hanging around the Traffic Light Tree, waiting for the drivers that don't know about it. Extra points can be gained from (rarer still) scenes of marital disharmony caused by the spectre. (Photo showing context of the other trees here)

"Worth a visit more to see the boat itself"

I see from the website that they're having a guided tour "...including areas usually off-limits to the public" on June 10th.

The traffic light tree in the middle of a traffic island: I know I hit the brakes the first time I drove past! But for most of our 18 months on the isle the lights were non-functional. The fact that they appear fully functional in your photo must mean that the ealth and safety Nazis haven't been doing their job, or don't visit that part of town often! Yay!

If I was paranoid, I'd think from your postings over the last month that you'd be stalking me. From Reg Dwight's former home and Ruislip Lido, past the end of my parent's road on the H13, to Kirkstall Abbey, then mutual visits to Canary Wharf, Bow, Tower of London and Covent Garden last week - all rather uncanny.

First time I came across the traffic lights was while I was blue-lighting it in my ambulance.

Freaked the hell out of me...

btw I clearly remember this traffic light tree, it's kinda crazy that they allow this kind of artwork. I mean I don't mind, but some might find it confusing

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