please empty your brain below

As the graffiti reads in those parts, Hackney['s] Wick[ed].

if you did a survey of where all the workers in the industrial estate live, you would probably be hard pressed to find any tower hamlets residents amongst them...probably commuting from Chelmsford to build scenery for the ROH...(opera?? not a big spectator sport for residents of east tower hamlets either).

For all budding rabbit hutch builders out there, F H Brundle is the best place in the area to buy wire mesh. I'd recommend the 6mm mesh if you need to keep out mice.

Curiously, around the corner in Carpenters Road (Newham by now) a lot of major fashion houses used to have warehouses and distribution centres. French Connection factory was (is?) just by the Bow Flyover.

dg writes: was (it closed a few months ago)

Has the FC "outlet shop" gone as well?

dg writes: Yep, Bow's completely FC-less now

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