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Time for a Worshipful Company of Bloggers?
I've always enjoyed being worshipped...

I was interested to learn that the phrase "at sixes and sevens" comes from these Livery companies. Apparently the Taylors and the Skinners argued about who was most important and should be at no 6 not no 7. It was settled in 1484 when the Lord Mayor agreed they would alternate spot every year - hence at sixes and sevens.

loving this list! we don't have enough pomp and ceremony in every day life anymore. A guild of bloggers would be great. But I think a worshipful company of local government would be a right bore, so I don't think I'd join.

First time post...wandered over from LondonDailyPhoto. The other point of the Livery Companies is shown by the IT Companies website - "bestows voting rights within the Corporation of London constitution". So you join up and get a vote or part vote for the Local Government. See

So residents, businesses and liverys all get the vote leading to unknown accountants becoming Lord Mayor...

The Worshipful Company of Columbian Powder Purveyors?

Truly amazing! Only in England I guess...

And compared to today's heartless corporate rule, the medieval system of Guilds and Companies seems a heartful caring means of regulating industry in society. The fact that the Bowyers are still going strong shows that it's socially sucessful too.

Luv that Bowyer's Theme Song:

It's the Masons, Lewis, it's the bloody Masons!

Yea m8, bring back The Geezers page!!! And, bring back Rose Tyler!!!!!

Is the second link "Companies" safe? It says it is an .exe destination.

Yes, it's safe. It's an online database of Livery Companies hosted on the Fishmongers' server. Honest.

The Worshipful Company of Journalists who worship the SSS and Israel??

Sky News?

I expect the Fishmongers' server is made from antique silver, with a tastefully arranged fringe of lemon slices and parsley.

thou shalt not worship false idols ...

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