please empty your brain below

I'm worried.
Not putting up with bad service and leaving?
You are becoming uncharacteristic.
Well done

And I seem to recall that your local readers are lining up to offer you a hot bath, so don't give us sob stories about no hot water

The times they are a changing and greed is no longer good, television is no longer reflective and blogs (I hear) are in terminal decline.

Well how about a pic of Kenwood and the tea room then?

get better soon!

Excerpt from dg's diary:
Sunday - Nasty cold developing. Felt dreadful all day. Wrote grumpy post about Starbucks.
Monday - Cold still bad. 47 comments on Starbucks post. Grumpiness pays.

Bloody hell, I thought I'd missed the beginning of Doctor Who Series 3 for a moment. Don't do that to me!

I bought the bus journeys book, and also found it a bit too bogged down in obscure local history. Gone to the "never finished" pile...

Worcester Bosch is the way to go for your heating needs, I'm afraid.

Take bucketloads of 1000mg Vitamin C tablets when you feel a cold coming on (dry nose/throat usually) and it often goes no further.

This is what happens when you go outside.

Hurrah - I now have hot water again.

Bugger - I only have hot water when the central heating is on.

Hey, Another Andrew: are you giving medical advice? Of course not, because it's a "folk remedy" that doctors pooh-pooh. It's a folk prevention method that I used to use (to great effect), with the powdered form of VitC. Then it became known that the powder is useful to drug dealers, who use it to cut their wares. So those merchants of death ruined it for normal folk, ie the ones only addicted to coffee :^P
PS I don't hate drud dealers, I just wish them painful death...

Am I the only one to notice that these aren't all 20 words? There's at least one 19, one 21 and one 22-worder in there.

Where's Pedantic of Purley when you need him?

Hmm, I just re-counted them, Geoff, and they're all 20 words long.

(apart from the 21-worder, obviously, oops)

<slight editing job>

Hmm, I just re-counted them, Geoff, and they're all 20 words long

Aggh! There was definetely a 19-er in there, but you've edited them now. Should've taken a screenshot.

The body also can't store huge amounts of Vitamin C, I'm led to believe.

Drinking lots of lager is probably just as effective in draining your body of the lurgy. (please note, I am not a doctor.)

Not lager: my, er, herbal remedest prescribes Guinness.

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