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I'd argue that slavery continues today.

Albeit slavery of a different kind - worship of things material and commercial. Plus corporate slavery.

And before anyone argues that last assertion belittles the psychological effects of the slave trade, I'll just point out that being tied to a master (whatever that master) by need for any type of commercial gain, from any partner in that transaction, produces a fundamental unbalancing in natural principles.

Oooh, didn't know about the Greenwich trail, ta. Turns out I used to live next to a pub named after a slave trader. Hmmm.

B.W., Agree in principle, but no-one today comes to your home, hits you over the head, ties you in chains and forces you into a shopping centre thousands of miles away, do they?

B W may have a point, C W. After a while, I'm sure some of the slavemasters had the slaves believing that they should be grateful to their masters for their situation, that the slave DESERVED what had become of them...

Commuter Woman - isn't that what advertising does?

Shopping is every bit as much an addiction as alcohol or drugs. Just wait until the new DSM V comes out for the proof

And now a significant proportion of the first-world population are slaves to sugar. There's irony for you.

Slavery does exist today.

And not just in the way Blue Witch describes. But actual enslavement: trafficking in people, bonded labour, debt bondage, forced domestic servitude, worst forms of child labour, and the old fashioned 'slave as property' type as well. Check out Anti-Slavery International (which was originally formed in the 1830's as the Anti-Slavery Society) for more info.

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