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One shameless plug...

I have one rule about clothing - if the label's on the outside, I don't buy it. It *costs* to have *me* promote a brand.

Bet DG wasn't there to buy anything

What tim says

"...plenty of pert pectorals depicted in paintings.." This made me laugh and I said it out loud...twice.

Amazing - more than twice the US prices!

(Of course in the US A&F is a shopping mall staple, not a "Savile Row" boutique!)

Do they sell 5XL shirts?

I guess the London branch doesn't prominently feature the 'thrift store' lookalikes. At the local A&F, it seems the dominant fashion is the Salvation Army look. The only catch is the price tag remains the same.... $95 for a pair of ragged torn jeans with a 'pre-ripped' knee and 'pre-tattered' cuffs.

Luckily my teenagers think it all SUCKS! and only total LOSERS shop there.


Starbucks, now A&F, bet you're gonna test drive a Hummer when they start selling em over here later in 2007!

A&F is bog-standard sub-Gap stuff in the US. Just because "I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch", doesn't mean I'm going to pay through the nose for it...

I am so glad I have never been a slave to fashion. I have just had a look at the website and there is a skirt called Rachael for £60. It looks like the size of a belt and would only fit a small child.

I will name my skirts from now on. There is Esmerelda, Gertrude and Sylvia and I am currently wearing a Myrtle.

According to this blog, myfashionlife, they hire models as shop assistants, see

I never understood the madness of A&F. I do like my brands, but really I can't see the point of spending designer prices for high-street fashion just for the sake of a pair of tits on a billboard. I thought it was just a way of saying look mate, I've been around the world. I guess that's over now

Great, now you can change your look from chav-tastic to ghetto fabulous. About 15 years ago A&F decided they weren't making enough money selling high-end well-made clothes. So they jumped into the same shark tank occupied by the likes of Fubu, etc. They are now so passe to that particular crowd (i.e., the ghetto fabulous types) they have to try and sell their crap overseas. Kind of like Burberry, only going in the opposite direction. (Yeah, I'm seeing more and more of that stupid-ass plaid here in the states, worn by the same people that bought A&F and Fubu and such.)

You get better value in Charity shops! - especially in posh areas, although not too posh as they hang on to their clothes too long 'til they're in tatters.

I'm not posh, but I keep my clothes until they get tatty. Does that make me chic?

"Next" still cuts it as an "exotic" brand in NZ, GAP too (although you can't be sure that is REAL GAP until you've washed it a few times). Ciro Citterio kinda looks exotic, too, to blind people who've not been to the UK, nor picked up on Finchy's reference to the brand in an edisode of The Office.
I'm still proud of me union flag and St George cuff links from CC's.

I believe the boys on the door are a permanent fixture.

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