please empty your brain below


Oooo, you have to be smart to read this blog today. My brain hurts. I'm going back to bed.

FWIW: Australia & New Zealand - spring equinox is in September. (cheesy grin)

Does it work for the autumn as well?

Thanks dg.

I for one plan on still being around in 2102. Possibly just as a head in a jar though.

Science or maths? Discuss.

Sorry, DG, but "today is the very last day in your lifetime that the first day of Spring will fall on March 21st" is only true for you guys in GMT, for us in CET we have one more in 2011 .

That is unless President Gordon decides to mess with the clocks.

My brain hurts.

Can we start from the beginning?

What is Spring?

I think we should move to a dawn-based system of time. Sunrise should always be at exactly 7am.

I like the pretty colours!

Looking out my window, it still looks like winter.

Yes! It's Spring! And today I videoed thousands of greylag geese gathering in a field near my home. Soon they will make their long flight back home to Siberia.

My God. In a world where everything's changing I did at least cling to one faint hope that at least astronomical calendars were pretty much - well, fixed... I know we might get blown up by an asteroid. I know there are black holes and quarks (and that they are not just dodgy pseudo-dairy products), but I did think the first day of spring was the first day of spring!

Fortunately I'm already lying down...

Spring? That will be the start of the weather getting warmer right?


Uncle Hunty, I like your style.

"And now for the science..."

You should do shampoo commericals.

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