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Hello? Yeah, I'm on the Northern Line. What? No - signal failure outside Old Street.

I can see why they have chosen the Waterloo & City "line" to do this, it being the commuter line from hell, erm, sorry, from Waterloo to Bank. And thus more likely to be full of suits paranoid about missing that all important call that can't wait just 5 minutes.

Straw - camel - back.

Even when it is pissing down/snowing/freezing, I will now walk simply to avoid the braying wankers on the W&C.

"I can see why they have chosen the Waterloo & City "line" to do this..." and this will be the line where they're likely to get the highest \\% in favour. Thus they will defend their action by deploying the usual "responding to customer demand" weasel words...

El Presidente Ken Livingstone said that this would happen over his dead body,
when's the funeral.

I'm looking at it from the other end - The post 7/7 report criticised the lack of communications on the Underground. Essentially radio comms don't really work down there, and It's kind of nice to be able to talk to one another when it's a 20 minute dangerous walk down a tunnel.

So in my humble opinion, too much communication isn't a bad thing.

Yes Tom, but what are the chances of being trapped in a tube tunnel under the City and having to make your way out via Bank station armed only with a mobile phone?

(ah, yes, right..)

I'm with Tom. I like the game of listening in to half a conversation, knowing that the person with the phone knows that I (and everyone else) can hear.
And it’s fun to make eye contact with another stranger when some particularly wanky (or downright thick) comment is made.
Maybe there will be a choice: every second car with that special coverage-defeating foil on the windows. A bit like smoking
on-smoking carriages.
I wonder, due to lack of privacy, will most people will text?

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