please empty your brain below

I can see it out of work and my bedroom is reassuring and almost as if it has always been there...

Well, they won't now be needing to pay professionals for publicity shots ever again, will they? Cunning ploy.

Loved the photos, thanks.

This girl has some very good arty London eye pics. Not sure how I found them: the lass didn't even put tags on them...

I would love to know what number wedding we were on the London Eye!

T&Cs don't seem too bad to looks like they can only use them in relation to the competition which is fair enough (though they are a little bit woolly).

Bizarrely (or maybe not) I learnt more about the competition here than on the official site which doesn't even mention what the prizes are!

Nice shot of the pod with the pink lights underneath.

Eh? There were ten and now four? I looked in the cache, to reassure myself I wasn't dreaming. I like your (new) no 4 (old no 10) best, for its abstract qualities.

Oh sorry, confused. Just worked out the difference between the comp website and flikr. I'll go back to sleep now.

One of the things that annoys me the most about the planet is when you go on the London Eye they call it a 'flight'.

Marketing wankers must die!

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