please empty your brain below

"[battery low]"?


By the way, there's a light North-westerly wind tonight. I hope that 'fog' in the centre isn't too toxic.

Farewell DG ...

And then they broke in.


And then they left.


we'll miss you...

Oh my god this is stressing me out; where are you now DG?


Sorry everyone, I forgot to tell Mr BW which number DG lived at...

To think all this was caused by DG's Blogger up-grade - if that isn't a warning not to do it, I don't know what is. I hope you're not gone for good DG - we'll all miss you!

Hold on- I am coming.

Lauch Thunderbird 2

DG's been mucking around with the dates on this month's archives as he crouches on the floor between the bed and the wall. You have to admire such dedication to the job.

So has DG finally gone and bumped himself off?

An inspired way to end an inspired blog.

Let's hope he's back soon....

Bye, then.

You should have got one of those manual chargers.

It's just the chinaman who's going to pee on your rug.

I've followed this blog for years, but never posted comments. I'm nervous. Is this the end of DG?

he won't go - we need him. i bet he's writing a book.


And like *that*, he's gone....

blinking BBC News 24 haven't even started talking about this yet....

Bugler, sound the last post...

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him, on a bicycle.

come back!

Maybe he's just going on holiday for a bit? That's what happened to my cat, when I was 6. He still hasn't come back.

How come no one else in London has noticed this Apocalypse? I work in Battersea, and I can't see a black cloud towards the East End. The trains are running in and out of Clapham Junction still; are you perhaps in a parallel universe? Don't leave us please, I need you to fill my lunch-time void.

Good luck DG. Hope the authorities find you before the rats have eaten too much.

If this is a ploy to get everyone to tell you how wonderful you are, how much we love your blog, how we cannot live without you etc etc, it's working! Now come back, RIGHT NOW!!!!

I'll second that-I've been reading you for years and you have always been a dependable source of interest and humor-and bus rumors.

Meanwhile, back in Trumpton Captain Flack picked up the phone in the Fire Station and summoned his crew. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.

I too distressed to speak.

I knew Bow was dangerous! Have they gone yet DG?

I will cry for you Diamond Geezer I mean Argentina!

Tuesday 30: DG posts from ransacked pet shop in Epping, having walked all day to get there. He is using a hamster wheel to power his mobile. Due to a lack of signal, he persuades a trained parakeet to fly to Mountain View, California, to deliver his blog entry. DG 'borrows' the hamster for 'defence purposes'.

Wednesday 31: DG found face down and bleeding in a field just outside Harlow, having been mugged for his hamster by a mob of hungry single mothers.

Thursday 1: DG wakes up, barely conscious, to find a horse standing over him. DG scrambles onto horse, horse rides to Stansted Airport all night.

Friday 2: A freak weather storm caused by the apocalypse rains builders' tea all over Essex. Invigorated, DG wakes up just as the horse is running down the runway of Stansted Airport and in an exciting 007-esque moment grabs the undercarriage of the plane and clambers aboard.

Carry on the story...

Maybe he'll end up having a flutter in the new Manchester super casino!

Erm... was I the first to realise what now appears to be inevitable?

On 01.23.07 at 7:39 pm I said

“You want my opinion? This is DG’s swan song. He’s closing down his blog in as dramatic a fashion as he can. You watch. We'll never hear from him again. Start checking out alternative must-reads now...”

I bet you 50p he hasn't gone. I bet you another 50p there will be a post tomorrow (Wednesday).

So calm down, the lot of you.


Will those 50ps be going towards your iPhone? ;-p

Come on people, be sensible, there are still 2005 days to the Olympics, it says so in the sidebar.

I'll raise geofftech's stakes to a fiver (*checks wallet* no, sorry, I only have Bahts currently, so 300 Bahts). And I'm a Value Witch, not a Gambling Witch.

DG, how dare you? I only bloody started reading your blog around about the time you bought your new whizzbang mobile. It was providing me with much-needed distraction from marking some very, very dull undergraduate assignments (if those kids are the cream of this country, bloody hell, we really are doomed).

And now you're killing yourself off??!? What a waste of excitement. Come on - I really want to know whether aliens have kidnapped the Prime Minister, so can you please elaborate on what has happened a bit more before you let yourself be clubbed over the head?

*in the meantime reads very old posts; been meaning to do this for, oh, about three years*

I'll see your 300 Bahts BW and raise you another 300. DG is not dead (I hope) - Long live DG!

DG You are causing a panic amongst your readers.

PER-Leeese put us out of our collective misery...resistance is futile.....

Come on, let's go to Bow tomorrow and go door to door. We've got to save DG!


I'm tempted to post some spam to see if he deletes it. :P

ome on, let's go to Bow tomorrow and go door to door. We've got to save DG!
Tony | 01.30.07 - 10:16
his GPS claims he's on Thoudley Walk,Bow Rd at Bromley High Street.

Lets face it. It's over - all we have left is

Link found at the rather lovely

to which I have no affiliation.

Not a chance - he's got the Random Boroughs to finish off first.

[hunting for a silver lining]

at least DG's gone a whole week without bashing Americans. : )

It's all very Neil Gaiman, isn't it? Is this where the Black Friars arrive wielding St Mary's Axe and save the day !

It would be a great way to end the blog, but DG please don't stop now.

Please don't finish blogging...

...well, at least not until you tell us what the secret thing you count every year is. You know, the one that hasn't happened but when it does you'll tell us....

This is clearly the end of civilisation as we know it.

It's safe over the road here at No.124.....lecky, water and gas still on...I'll offer you refuge mate in exchange for ID revelation!!!

Does this mean you've reached the Seventh Age of Blog? - 8/9/05 - I hope not. Night shifts will not be the same again. Maybe it's merely a cunning way to skedaddle out of 'doing' Croydon.
Oh yes...and while I'm here, a POX on those persons responsible for the bloggies nominations, pah!

Oh dear. I was wondering why he'd started venturing into fiction. That was after checking the BBC news site on Monday morning - just in case, you understand.

My money's on a book. And richly-deserved, too. What a hero. Just after I'd lamented on him not being up for the Bloggies 2007. Is this the reason? Has DG spat his dummy?

Go on, come back. You know you want to.

Lonely... oh, so lonely...

Better be a f**king great book...

Noooooooo. Come back.

I've got some Malaysian Ringiits Geoff, how about we all send DG our left-over foreign currency to try to bribe him to stay on blogging! (You could send him dollars)

Re-reading this in the earlyl, phoney-war, days of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak. Hope this isn’t too prescient, and that DG keeps going.

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