please empty your brain below

Sleep well DG
And don't forget the weapons (+ Oyster card)

Don't forget the diaries!

Don't forget to put anything made of paper in plastic bags, otherwise you can guarantee it will piss it down tomorrow and it will all turn to papier mache.

I broke my specs in Borneo once. Myopia is not funny so I empathise with you about the contacts.

Good luck!

I am pleased that you are someone who appreciates that, if in reasonable health, walking is a perfectly viable option in such circumstances. It might take a few days, you might get a bit tired, sore, cold and hungry but it is perfectly feasible.

Maybe, being lucky enough only to need glasses for reading, I don't understand but I can't really believe you would go back to get contact lenses. It shows the importance of carrying an emergency pair of glasses. Nowadays they are very lightweight and pack into a small tube.

You should have got that USB stick. You could then safely carry you data on your keyring.

Listen, this is all getting just ever so slightly out of hand.

I know you rarely go out these days, and I know you don't do drugs, so I'm angry with whoever took you out and gave you acid (it's the only thing *I* know that could have caused this sort of a trip, but I'm not terribly up-to-date these days, so others may be better on the pharmacology than me), but really, most people come down rather sooner than this.

I've just rung Mr BW and he'll be round for you in the car in an hour. Sorry, I can't come myself as I'm at least 16 hours away.

More than 16 hours if you also have to walk back ...

Did anyone just notice the universe shudder as dg-time came back in sync with the rest of us?

Don't want to look outside now....


And DG doesn't even get nominated in the Bloggies?

Whilst others that don't even make 1\\% of the effort that he does, do ... disgraceful.

Am still on the edge of my seat here in Florida!

We will leave the door unlocked. But please do not wake us up when you arrive.

Health & Safety Notice:
Please extinguish that lethal naked flame before slipping into unconsciousness and / or vacating the premises.

[I wonder if that's the first IKEA tealight to have it's own hyperlinked GPS coordinates? So many innovations around here lately.]

You can still blog-the power won't go out evenly all over nor the telephone lines and some of the internet connections in libraries and perhaps some internet cafes will still be working. You could upload some things onto your site, you must have space. don't forget a sweater.

You would get your laptop in an Instrument of the Devil...I know you don't like them..but in times of need???

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