please empty your brain below

Let's play I spy.
I spy something beginning with Z.

"even my super-duper new mobile doesn't seem to be able to raise a meaningful signal"

I have to wonder, just how you are managing to continue blogging?

Use the force Luke; it is strong in you.

*makes mental note to keep bottled water in stock for the future and buy batteries for radio*

One thing we realised moving from the city to the country was that we would have to be more prepared and self sufficient in normal winter emergencies (ones that don't happen so often in the city).

Since we have been here we have had one major power outage which lasted about 7 hours, but it has been known to go off for four days.

We always keep:
Battery and wind up radio
Bottles of Water (for flushing)
Fresh water for drinking and cooking
Bottled gas stove and light
Candles and Matches (and we brought Ikea nightlights from "civilisation")
And luckily a couple of woodburning stoves

It is a lot easier (and more immediate) to keep these things in a large farm house than our old surburban semi (or even a flat).

Interested to see how this one wraps up - stay safe DG

Get orf my land(ing)

My bus, the 318, has a new sign affixed inside, behind the drivers cabin. A disturbing sign, made of grey metal and in the usual LU font.

It reads:

"Todays State of Alert is \\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_"

Theres a gap where different magnetic signs can be affixed. Can it be true? Are they planning to roll this out on all public transport, perhaps to attempt to keep us in a state of perpetual terror?

Was it a subversive joke? Has anyone else seen these?

I can see a gap in the market here for a book of post-disaster receipes. What domestic goddess wouldn't love tips on feeding their family with no electricity, running water, a can of baked beans, a Creme Egg, stale bread and three-week old milk?

It could be called Cooking For The Apocalypse.

And at least DG time has nearly synchronised with GMT ... by this evening ...

I presume he doesnt have a cold water tank then? I have 50 gallons of flushes before I start to use the shrubbery.

Break into someone else’s deserted flat and take the water from their cistern. Alternatively, you could just drink a bottle of bleach and curl your toes up! The choice is yours.

318 - i've seen those before, on buses that used to be used for "the shuttle" between various department of health buildings, and they had those on them (like all government buildings have board in the reception area). a quick google search (god i am bored) says that the 318 is run by arriva, who used to run "the shuttle" - so it's most likely they've just redeployed the old buses and not taken the board off...

i hope...

Don't you *dare* p**s in those flowerpots on your balcony...

If he eats a day old curry that might be the least of his problems ...

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