please empty your brain below

Oooo..I wonder if it is as bad in North London?

one day this will happen and most people will not be prepared. ignorance is not bliss. so scared. all these things to worry about. help!

The 108 must still be running, surely.

Find yourself a routemaster and flee to the hills. Hampstead must be safe, surely?

The ideal mode of transport in a desparate situation where you cannot rely on others, or getting fuel, is a bike.

Oh dear - that isn't an option for you is it ?

As the rhyme goes... "You're always late, with the 108".

I reckon it would be the first thing to go in the event of a terrorist attack.

Good on motoring Jonny Public (sp?) for not crossing the centre line.

Hey DG, this means you can take as many copies of London Lite as you like now! Go on...

I can't bear the tension. What if someone has broken into your flat and smashed your special jam-jar?

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