please empty your brain below

Don't fancy life as a refugee DG? Wouldn't blame you, but if that happened I would rather be well out of the trouble zone (and I am a lot closer to the epicentre than you!).

There's a Rover or Jag dealer on Mansell St, isn't there? Maybe you could borrow one of their cars to get home with?

R u in Catherine Wheel Alley? Head on down to join Middlesex Rd, then straight on to St Botolph St, veer left and you're on your way to Mansell Street. The dealership will be on your left, on the corner. Maybe of Braham, maybe of Alie. Considering the emergency, they surely wouldn’t mind? Just report it as salvage when you get home and offer to pay for the petrol used. DON’T put in on eBay: we all know how the British get back to normalcy rather quickly, so your short-term hire won’t go unnoticed... Hang-about: you might be better off with a bike. I’ve got a mate working on Bishopsgate. He’s into bikes (pedal and petrol) I’ll ring him and get back to you!

If the PM's dead, is it two-jabs in charge? He's the son of a railway signalman. Does this help? Can DG see our comments whilst on the run? I'm rapidly losing my fingernails!!! Talk to us DG: how can we help?!

A car wouldn't be the best transportation right now.

You need one of these:

Assuming you can ride, of course.

Sound to me as if a bicycle is going to come in VERY handy.......

Big fast bike and weapons. Oh and food and drink. They have some BMW's in Devon going cheap.

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