please empty your brain below

Was it a bomb? Is it a plague? Are there gonna zombies? Were are the killer Triffids?

and then i woke up which is wot i did on mi holiday the end

World War Z

(teh best book evar!!!)

Go for their heads

No one around? LOOT AND PILLAGE!!!

What's that over there... oh wait, it's an old-style telephone box!

You'll get to be Doctor Who's next assistant yet...

Tilesey - it's London, remember, not Branscombe...

Heartening to know that even in the middle of some kind of nuclear / terrorist / armageddon type scenario, that dg still has the wherewithal and concern to keep posting to his blog.

They have all gone to Teddington. Have no idea what was happening there last night but all the roads were full.

Do not ask questions, citizen. Return to your homes where information will be provided through the screen fixed to your wall.

Announcement ends.

if you have the internet capabilities to post to your blog, surely you can check the news websites to figure out what's happened?

A little suspense of disbelief is worth the effort, veronica...

Quick, find your nearest Halfords
and get some weapons.

World War Z?

We could only hope.

I echo the sentiment that's it's a fantastic read.

Just reading it sent shivers down my spine, you scared me ****less. What next? Are you the last 500 people left in England, the world? I need to know, or I won't sleep tonight.

is DG going to kill himself off?

You may want to download this to your phone.

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