please empty your brain below

It's a trap!

how clever to remember the web addresses of your links under such stress. you are really good at typing in the dark too! but it's a good story..

I was on a tube that was stopped in a tunnel and evacuated once. Walking along the tunnel in the dark was pretty scary, but cool it has to be said.

How have you managed to start blogging from the future? My suggestion would be that you don't get the tube home on Monday...


Sorry DG, but I just knew it was foolhardy to buy TWO pairs of pants.
Also- when will they start eating one another?

All this mayhem and danger...TfL have so much to answer for. Yet still there are those who persist in taking their Instruments of the Devil with them to the surface.

Arrggggg!! Come on. I can't look away!

You were not evacuated. The tube train was. The other is quite nasty. And smelly.

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