please empty your brain below

Just imagine...

HELP-is there anybody out there???????????????????
Why am I the 2nd comment????????
What is the correct date??????????
Are the workers likely to riot ( my history master informed us of riots when the calendar was changed and the public lost days of their lives)
Who is agent Z470xi- is there a Russian connection?????????

Even in the darkness of the tunnel, all eyes turned towards the strange man dressed in last week's fashions, who was tapping furiously into some strange hand-held device. "What's his little game", they wondered...

Hello DG

Just wondered why you were blogging a week in advance?


I think I see where this is going DG... it all goes back to the Jan 25 post doesn't... are you telling us a story?

Keep going. I'm intrigued. The geezer never does anything by accident.

Stand down the lot of you. News of my explosive curry evening will appear on the 30th.

Bizarrely, there have been two, now five 'terror arrests' today in Halifax.


Mysteriously, the GPS on your mobile thinks you are at the Dome. Could the bang have been a spacial-temporal wormhole?

"Who are you?"

"I am the Doctor"

it's safer (& nicer) by bike DG!

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