please empty your brain below

Ant & Boar


Rat and cat

I think it should be boa, not boar.

Oh, and cat, too.

And why does your comment say it was posted next week?

Hen and Owl.


Kea and Auk

Ant is there, as noted above, but not Dec.

My two are cow and cod

Gnu and ewe

dab and asp

bug, pig

ram and eel



emu and bee


oh, someone said cow, so i'll go for doe instead.

Roe? (as in deer and/or fish spawn)


asp and god - neither, strictly speaking, animals.

Not many left so I'll go for Fly and Sow

No more than two animals each, thanks.

Blimey, that was quick of you!

ant, ape, asp, ass, auk, bee, boa, bug, cat, cod, cow, dab, doe, dog, eel, elk, emu, ewe, fox, fly, gnu, hen, kea, owl, pig, ram, rat, roe, sow, yak

Was it only four minutes? I mean days. I mean minutes. Oh dear, I'm really confused now. Plus I have to add 12 hours to GMT, plus another hour for daylight saving, and I think the answer's 42, possibly.

Oh so you ARE alive???

Well, he was on Friday. Now he's just crouching in the dark and permanently stuck on Monday, January 29.

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